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Get gardening this spring!

Get gardening this spring!

Author: Canadian Living

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Get gardening this spring!

How to build a bird-nesting box for your yard
Provide a home for habitat-starved birds with these simple steps.

5-step bird feeder
Invite feathered friends to feast at this homemade feeder.

Create a backyard nature habitat with your kids
Want to lure your children away from glowing screens and into the great outdoors? Follow these tips to create a wildlife sanctuary that they won't want to leave -- all in your own backyard.

Herbs, veggies and fruit
5 healthy herbs: It's easy to grow them
Freshen up your meals with herbs straight out of the garden or the pot on your windowsill.

Herbal pleasures
Enjoy flowers, fragrances and flavours with a herb garden for your backyard or balcony.

Tomatoes fit for a queen
A Canadian gardener shares her tips for starting tomato seedlings.

How to grow a pizza garden
Serve up a yummy (and fun) family project: a pizza garden overgrowing with fresh toppings.

Garden design
Build your own rock wall for the garden
Step-by-step guide to improving the look of your garden.

6 tips for hiring a landscaper
Expert advice for getting quality service and results

Garden arbour
Create a welcoming entrance to your garden with this lattice project.

Down the garden path
Discover how you can enhance your garden and highlight its best features by adding a personalized pathway.


10 ways to pest-proof your garden organically
Keep pesky insects and animals out of your precious veggies and flowers with these easy and natural solutions.

12 pest-repelling herbs
Integrate these wonder plants into your garden to keep the rest of your crop happy.

Guide to gardening with ornamental grass
How to design and plant a garden of beautiful native grasses.

Container gardening
Container gardening tips
Ideas on making container gardening easy: planting and watering tips, winter care and a basic guide to terra-cotta.

7 secrets to successful container gardening
Whether you're growing flowers, veggies or herbs, here are tricks to help your container garden flourish.

Seeds, flowers and plants
Seed-starting tips: How to start seeds indoors
Get a head start on this summer's garden by starting seeds indoors. Here are some tips.

Spring garden planning
Garnish this summer's vegetable patch with pretty flowering plants.

Seed Saving Tips
Learn how to grow your garden inexpensively by saving seeds.

A Rose Is a Rose...?
Avid gardener Charles Oberdorf gives us his 10 top Picks for hardy, easy-care bloomers.

How to grow lavender
Lavender plants are the perfect addition to the lazy gardener's yard. Read how easy lavender is to add to your garden decor.

Other gardening advice and ideas
6 reasons why you should join a garden club
Don't bask in the glory of gardening alone. Read on and learn how you can share the love.

How to use less water in the garden
Read these tips on how to be water wise when caring for your garden.

7 tips for garden-centre shopping
Make the most of your gardening dollars with these tips from garden expert Frankie Flowers.

8 essential garden tools
Your first foray into gardening doesn't have to be daunting. A small but smart selection of tools will help you do the job right – from spring cleanup and planting through summer and fall. Here are eight essentials.

How to start your own compost pile
Making your own compost is an easy way to reduce waste and provide cheap nourishment for your garden. Read about how to start your own compost pile or bin in your yard.

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Get gardening this spring!