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Liven up your home decor

Liven up your home decor

Author: Canadian Living

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Liven up your home decor

There's something about spring that just begs us to make a change! During this season of rejuvenation, updating your home's decor is a great way to energize yourself and your family for the season ahead. A few inexpensive changes can make a world of difference, not just to the look of your home, but to the mood, too! So, what's hot for spring? We checked in with interior designer Cheryl Torrenueva to find out what's stylish this season.

CanadianLiving.com: What decor trends are leading the way for spring?
Cheryl Torrenueva: It's definitely time to spring forward! This is the perfect time for everyone to get re-energized and pumped up for the upcoming year. Balance and strength are the two words that you should think of when coming up with ideas and concepts for your home decor this season. Colour is the number one essential, and although the hues that we'll be seeing are bright and intense, there is the perfect muted neutral that you can pair it with to create a balanced look. To pull everything together, add a graphic print as the perfect accessory for your space.

CL.com: What are we seeing when it comes to colour?
CT: The colour palettes this season are modern and youthful, with a sense of playfulness. Sunny yellow with soft grey, soft pastels with black/white, and turquoise with burnt orange are hot combinations. We will still see a lot of wood finishes and black/white lacquered furniture, but it's the accessories that are used with them which will make the whole thing pop!

CL.com: What about fabrics?
CT: We will see a lot of natural fibres, such as cotton, but as more of a transparent layer like mesh, crochet, and lacy eyelet. Natural hides and leather will also play a huge role but this time with a metallic sheen.

CL.com: Walls?
CT: Wallpaper is so hot right now, and the goal for this season is to find something that is totally unique. Texture is key, and new technology is allowing us to enjoy more than just flocking. You will see beads, crystal, embossed animal and damask prints, leaves and even wood veneer.

CL.com: Accessories?
CT: Details are my favourite element: they allow something simple to become more of a statement. This year you'll notice the idea of racing stripes created with grosgrain ribbon, pleats and ruffles.

CL.com: What is this season's one must-have item?
CT: Prints! Whether it's a wallcovering or the fabric on your pillow, prints are a must. They can be anything, including large geometric patterns, animal prints, military camouflage, polka dots, herringbone or unique ethnic prints. The idea is to add visual texture, and you only need a little to make a big statement.

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Natalie Bahadur is the Senior Editor of styleathome.com and is a regular contributor to CanadianLiving.com


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Liven up your home decor