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Make a recycled book lamp

Make a recycled book lamp

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Make a recycled book lamp

• 4 to 6 used hardcover books
• Tape measure or ruler
• Pencil
• Lamp kit, or recycled lamp parts, including socket, cord, tube and harp (optional)
• Drill and bit equal to, or slightly larger than, diameter of lamp tube
• Hot-glue gun and glue
• 4 wood plugs, for feet
• Lightbulb
• Lampshade

1. Measure and mark centre of each book.

2. Drill hole through centre point of each book, one at a time.

3. Beginning with largest book and ending with smallest, thread books onto tube one at a time, gluing book jackets together, if desired. Assemble lamp according to lamp kit instructions.

4. Using hot-glue gun, glue wood plugs to bottom of lamp, 2.5 cm (1 in) in from corners.

5. If required, attach harp to socket. Add lightbulb and shade.

Note: Some lamp kits do not include a tube. If using this type of kit, purchase tube separately. Be sure that tube is long enough to go through all books and to elevate socket above top book.

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Make a recycled book lamp