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Christmas ornament craft: Whimsical paper pinecones

Christmas ornament craft: Whimsical paper pinecones

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Christmas ornament craft: Whimsical paper pinecones

There's no better way to embrace the rituals and traditions of the holiday season than by lighting a fire in the fireplace, cranking up the Christmas carols and gathering the gang around the kitchen table for a fun-filled day of crafting homemade ornaments for the tree.

Assembling these paper pinecones is the best part, so have an adult cut out the pattern pieces in advance to save time. Then let the excitement begin and invite the kids to create their own unique, twirling pinecones. It won't be long before you have enough to cover an entire tree!

You need:
• Tracing paper
• Medium-weight decorative craft paper, such as solid colour or patterned scrapbooking paper
• Card stock or recycled greeting cards (for pattern templates)
• 26-gauge wire
• Sharp-tipped craft scissors (such as Fiskars No. 5 Micro-Tip craft scissors)
• Glass beads
• White craft glue
• Sewing needle or straight pin

Click to see a large image of the whimsical paper pinecones.

To make:

1. Print out, then photocopy or trace pattern pieces A, B, C and D onto piece of tracing paper; using craft scissors, cut out. ( Find the pattern pieces here.)

2. Trace pattern pieces onto card stock or recycled greeting card to make reusable pattern templates; cut out.

3. Trace pattern pieces onto decorative paper to make number specified; cut out.

4. With sewing needle, pierce holes in centre of pattern pieces B, C and D.

5. Cut piece of wire approx 30 cm (12 inches) long.

6. Glue one end of the wire between the two A pieces (see photo); let dry.

7. From the opposite end, thread two beads along wire to bottom (see photo). Thread wire through remaining pieces in the following order: B, C, D, D, C, threading two or three beads onto wire between each pattern piece.

8. Finish the pinecone by threading three or four beads on top of piece C.

9. Wrap the remaining length of wire around a pencil to create a spiral; bend end of wire into a hook to hang on Christmas tree.

Add a bit of curve to your pinecone by slightly bending each "petal" of the pattern pieces around your finger to give a more realistic look.

You can find more festive ornament craft ideas here.

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DIY & Crafts

Christmas ornament craft: Whimsical paper pinecones