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Create a stunning Thanksgiving dinner table

Create a stunning Thanksgiving dinner table

Author: Canadian Living

DIY & Crafts

Create a stunning Thanksgiving dinner table

Discover great ways to decorate your table this Thanksgiving with these easy tips!

Make natural vases from gourds and small pumpkins for the holiday table, and fill them with autumn-hued flowers and leaves. These are pretty set on the burlap table runner, and you can use a scrap of the burlap to make a fringe collar.

You need:
• 2 small pumpkins or gourds
• Sharp paring knife or razor knife
• Spoon
• Aluminum foil
• Florist foam
• Scissors
• Fresh and dried flowers, grasses, and seedpods
• 3-inch green, wired picks (available at florist shops or craft stores)
• 2 burlap strips (approximately 15 by 2 inches; optional)
• Straight pins

To make:
1. Cut out the tops of the pumpkins with a sharp knife, and scoop out the pulp with a spoon. Line the pumpkins with foil. (Most pumpkins and gourds will remain watertight for several days, but lining them with foil gives added protection against leakage.)

2. Cut the florist foam to flt inside each pumpkin, and add just enough water to saturate the foam.

3. Arrange the flowers, grasses, and seedpods. Any tender flower stems can be secured and strengthened, using a wired pick.

To make a fringe from burlap
Measure the circumference of the pumpkin, and cut a strip of burlap 1 inch longer and 2 inches wide. Pull threads lengthwise, one at a time, to create 1 inch of fringe. Wrap the burlap around the top of the pumpkin vase and secure inconspicuously with a straight pin. Repeat for the other vases.

Gourd or small pumpkin gravy boat
If you are without a gravy boat for serving the giblet gravy, don't go scrambling to buy one. Make one from a small gourd or pumpkin. Cut out the top with a sharp paring knife, and then scoop out the pulp with a spoon. Set the pumpkin on a small plate or in a shallow bowl to keep it from tipping. Fill with gravy when ready to serve.

Excerpted from The Thanksgiving Table: Recipes and Ideas to Create Your Own Holiday Traditions by Diane Morgan (Chronicle Books, 2001).

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DIY & Crafts

Create a stunning Thanksgiving dinner table