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Easy craft: Make a mini emergency kit

Easy craft: Make a mini emergency kit

Author: Canadian Living

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Easy craft: Make a mini emergency kit

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How to make a mini emergency kit
Whether you're in the office or on the go, it seems like there's always the potential for something to go wrong: popping a button, forgetting a birthday, getting (ouch!) a paper cut. Use these tricks to assemble a tiny emergency kit to stash in your purse or desk drawer, and you'll never have to paper-clip your shirt closed or give someone a birthday card made out of Post-it notes ever again.

You can look at a larger image of this craft here.

To make:
Wash and dry a small tin with a hinged lid. (We used empty Altoids tins – they're the perfect size, and easy to find.) Download Tiny Emergency Kit labels here; print on letter-size sheet of sticker paper. Using X-acto knife, cut out desired label; carefully matching corners, apply stickers to front and back of tin. Decorate as desired. For Small Sewing Kit, use craft glue to affix button to top of tin. For Impromptu Birthday Kit, apply birthday-themed stickers or scrapbooking decorations. For Tiny First-Aid Kit, apply thin layer of craft glue to red cross, then sprinkle generously with red glitter. Fill tin with supplies.

Supplies for a ...
M ini mail kit: stamps, airmail stickers, address labels, folded-up writing paper and evelope, pencil

Small sewing kit: straight pins, saftey pins, sewing needles, spare buttons, thread, seam ripper or scissors, iron-on patches

Impromptu birthday kit: balloon, candle, lighter, birthday-themed confetti or stickers, coffee shop gift card (just add a cupcake!)

Tiny first-aid kit : alcohol wipes, cotton swabs, adhesive bandages, tweezers, safety pin, needle and thread, acetaminophen, ibuprofecn, Gravol, Imodium

Designer's notes
• If desired, use indoor-outdoor spray paint to paint tin. Apply sticker after paint is dry; or use stencil and contrasting colour of spray paint to create your own design.

• Decoupage your favourite decorative paper (or stamps, as we did for the Mini Mail Kit) to the tin using craft glue or a product like Mod Podge.

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DIY & Crafts

Easy craft: Make a mini emergency kit