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How to create a photo table runner

How to create a photo table runner

Photography by Sarah Gunn Author: Sarah Guun

DIY & Crafts

How to create a photo table runner

Personalize your party by using photos to create this table runner.

Summers are meant for making memories with family and friends. Share past family snapshots by creating a photo table runner for your next family gathering. This simple project will be the talk of the table.

You will need:
- A roll of craft paper
- An assortment of family photos printed on heavyweight gloss paper
- Glue stick
- Paper cutter or scissors

photo runner

To make:
1. Cut the paper roll 2 feet longer than the table.

2. Upload several family photos onto a Word (or other word processing) document. Size them to fit 2 per page. Then print the photos on high gloss paper.

Tip: Send as a PDF-format file to Staples or another print-on-demand service. Printing them this way will cost much less than the price of developing them as photos.

3. Cut photos using a paper cutter (or scissors), leaving a narrow white strip around the edge of each photo.
4. Place the paper on the floor and arrange photos over it. Overlap the photos starting in the centre and working your way out in either direction.

5. Once all photos are in place, glue them onto the craft paper.

Tip: You will need approximately 60 photos for this project. We suggest printing 20 photos three times. Disperse them throughout the runner, so no matter where your guests sit, they can see each memory.



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DIY & Crafts

How to create a photo table runner