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Snowy Pinecone

Snowy Pinecone

Author: Canadian Living

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Snowy Pinecone

Excerpted from Instant Gratification Cards: Fast & Fabulous Projects by Carol Endler Sterbenz and Genevieve A. Sterbenz. Photographs by Julie Toy (Chronicle Books, 2000).

This pinecone painted in icy winter colors with sparkling glitter accents is perfect for hanging on a Christmas tree. It also makes a wonderful favour for your holiday guests. Create one for each place setting at your holiday table, then insert a slip of paper with the guest's name in the leaves of the pinecone. At the end of the evening, everyone will have new Christmas ornaments to bring home and hang on their own trees.

You need:

• Kraft paper
• Small pinecone
• Rubber gloves
• Spray primer in white
• Gloss spray paint in mint blue or green
• Spray adhesive
• Plastic winter snow
• Fine glitter in warm highlight
• 1/3 yard of thin silver twisted cording
• Scissors

Note: Always work in a well-ventilated area when using spray paint.

To make:

1. Cover clean, flat work surface with kraft paper. Place pinecone on paper.

2. Put on rubber gloves. Apply thin coat of spray primer to pinecone. Let dry completely. Apply one or two more coats of primer, as necessary. Let dry completely.

3. Apply thin coat of spray paint to pinecone. Let dry completely. Apply one to two more coats of paint, as necessary. Let dry completely.

4. Apply fine mist of spray adhesive to painted pinecone. Wait 5 minutes or until cone is tacky.

5. Lightly sprinkle plastic snow on pinecone until it sticks and desired effect is achieved. Take a pinch of glitter and sprinkle over pinecone. Let dry completely.

6. Make loop with silver cording and tie in double knot around top prong of pinecone. Trim ends.

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DIY & Crafts

Snowy Pinecone