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Valentine gift box

Valentine gift box

Author: Canadian Living

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Valentine gift box

Materials and equipment
A2 Sheet of red card
Scoring tool
Metal-edged ruler
Trimming knife
Multipurpose adhesive

Step 1: To make the gift box the same size as my original, enlarge the template on the photocopier to make sure the measurements are accurate. Transfer the patterns for the lid and base of the gift box onto the red card (see Figs 2.2a and b, click here).

Step 2: Start by carefully cutting around the heart shapes.

Step 3: Score all fold lines on both the base and lid.

Step 4: Carefully cut out the lid and the base and then crease all the folds.

Step 5: Construct the lid. Spread glue on the three short tabs shown, and on a 19 mm (3/4 inch) strip around the edge of the central triangular top of the lid, on the side which will form the inside of the lid, avoiding the nine heart sections.

Step 6: In one movement, fold in the three sides, tucking in the comer tabs and sticking the sides to the lid top. Ensure there is no excess glue on the heart shapes.

Step 7: Once dry, manipulate the heart shapes so that they stand erect from the surface of the lid.

Step 8: Turn to the base. First ensure that, once folded inwards, the hearts on the base will pass through the V-shaped slits on the edge of the base. Cuts are required on the fold line, on either side of each V shape so that each slit measures 17 mm(11/16 inch) across.

Step 9: Apply glue to the small comer tabs and to a 25 mm (1 inch) strip around the inside of the triangular base. Fold the base into shape, passing the hearts through the slits and tucking in the comer tabs, pressing to secure.

Step 10: You can glue the hearts around the edge of the base to the sides or leave them unfolded as shown.

Step 11: Make a little gift tag of your own design or copy the one I have made to place inside the box.

Chocolate fillings
Not sure what to put in your special someone's Valentine's box? Why not fill it with a variety of decadent chocolate truffles you've made yourself? Check out The Canadian Living Test Kitchen's collection of truffle recipes.

Excerpted from Papercraft Projects for Special Occasions by Sine Chesterman. Copyright 2002 by Sine Chesterman. Excerpted, with permission by Guild of Master Craftsman Publications. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.

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Valentine gift box