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20 best photo apps for your smartphone

20 best photo apps for your smartphone

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20 best photo apps for your smartphone

Phone photographers: Get set to share your pictures for Canadian Living's PhotoFest, August 16-18! You could win prizes, and you'll contribute to creating a coast-to-coast mosaic during Canada's weekend to shine. Get all the details here!

Best for: Filters

1. Instagram, Android and iPhone - free
Instagram is one of the most popular photography apps on the market. Just take a photograph and add a filter, frame and focus of your choice. Your photo is uploaded to the Instagram community ready to be adored by the masses. You can also link your profile to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and Foursquare.

2. Photo Studio Pro
, Blackberry - $3.99
This app has a wide variety of filters to glam up your photographs. You can even make them festive and themed for special holidays. Share your photographs on BBM, Facebook and Twitter.

Best for: Low-light photography

3. Night Camera+, Android - $1.99
Low lighting situations will never be a problem again with Night Camera+. Just point and shoot and you'll have a crisp photograph ready in seconds, regardless of your lighting situation. This app can also be used as a camera option for Instagram.

4. Slow Shutter Plus, iPhone- free
This app has three modes to choose from. The Auto Blur function is best for waterfalls or fountains, creating the effect of mist around a sharper image. The Night Scene function is great for illuminating subjects in a low light environment, giving it a daylight effect. Light Trails mode can be used for free-moving subjects in extreme darkness, such as traffic at night or fireworks.

5. Night Vision Camera
, Blackberry - free
This app is great for Blackberry users who feel left in the dark. Adjust the cameras sensitivity to light and brightness in the shot.

Best for: Lomo effect

6. Lomo Camera, Android - free
Lomography lovers can rest with ease. Open up this app and you'll have instant access to Lomo camera lenses on your phone. Check out the Fish Eye and 4 in One lenses if you're feeling silly.

7. Hipstamatic, iPhone - $1.99
Get vintage looking photographs with Lomo filters in this app. You can choose between different films and flash settings. When you're done, share your prints with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and Tumblr, with a few simple clicks. There's even an option to order hard copies of your favourite photographs.

8. LomoLook, Blackberry - $0.99
Give your photos a boost with this fun-to-use app. Your photos will look deliciously retro with the simple push of a button.

Best for: Collages

9. Photo Grid- Collage Maker
, Android - free
Create beautiful collages with this fun and easy-to-use app. If you're feeling playful, add a colourful border or stickers to your masterpiece. Share your work with Facebook, Instagram Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Blogger, and Tumblr.

10. Fuzel
, iPhone - free
Not only does this app create unique collages (such as honeycomb shapes), but you can also purchase your artwork as a postcard, ready to be mailed to your favourite people! Don't forget to email or upload your work to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr as well.

11. Photo Collage Maker
, Blackberry - $0.99
With over 30 collage grids to choose from, this app lets you connect to virtually any social media stream available, from Facebook to Pinterest. Share easily with the click of a few buttons.

Best for: Panorama

12. Panorama 360
, Android - free
Not only can you literally capture the world around you, but you can also share it to Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter using a 3D viewer. Use the HD function for crisper photos of your more breathtaking whereabouts.

13. 360 Panorama, iPhone - $1.99
Easily Tweet or e-mail panoramic photos using 360 Panorama. Never forget the beautiful places you've snapped by using the map feature to pin your location.

14. Panorama 360 Free
, Blackberry - free
Make the most with your camera's capabilities and take more panoramic photographs. Use it to stitch together your current scenery.

Best for: Editing suites

15. Photo Editor
, Android - free
This app has everything you've ever wanted in a photo-editing suite. With the push of a button you can fine-tune colours, rotate, resize and save photos as .JPGs or .PNGs.

16. FX Photo Studio, iPhone - free
Amp up the quality of your photos with this great app. The program lets you make adjustments to photos such as colour, contrast and texture. Add a signature to photographs and make them uniquely yours.  

17. PhotoConnect Ultimate Edition, Blackberry - $0.99
An all-in-one app for Blackberry photographers, it lets you tweak colours and contrast, add text, crop, sharpen images, and so much more.

Best for: Fun photography

18. PicSay Pro
, Android - $3.99
The ultimate app for making your friends look their goofiest. Give them a funny hat or moustache, or get creative and swap their heads. Go ahead and have a little fun!

19. PhotoArtista- Oil
, iPhone - $2.99
Are you an art lover? You'll enjoy this app that turns your photos into oil paintings. Share your Impressionism
era photography skills directly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr.

20. PhotoLab FREE, Blackberry - free
Use this app for turning your friends into monkeys. Literally. Inject some silliness into your photographs then spread the love over e-mail, BBM and Facebook!

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20 best photo apps for your smartphone