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Canadian Living Me to We: Reader recognitions

Canadian Living Me to We: Reader recognitions

Author: Canadian Living

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Canadian Living Me to We: Reader recognitions

Not every act of kindness will affect the entire world but that doesn't mean those good deeds should go unnoticed. Touching just one person's heart is something to be celebrated. welcomed readers to share stories and experiences that have touched their lives and the lives of those around them. Celebrate the simple and everyday acts of kindness, generosity and love that make our world a better place to live.

Here are just some of the submissions:

Forum friendships
I have recently regained my health after months of undiagnosed, agonizing pain. I belong to an online chat forum, and when I went back into the hospital this past January, one of the forum members put together a "get well" book for me -- posts of love and support that the forum members wanted to share with me.

Reading those messages was so heart-warming. To know that women I've never met in person cared so much about what was happening to me was amazing. I'll never forget their kindness.
--Pamela Jessen

Gestures of kindness
Four years ago, I was admitted to the hospital, for a bone infection called ostiomylitis. During the time that I stayed there, a total of five weeks, my boyfriend came to visit me every single day. This was an act of unselfish love, as the hospital was a good half hour away.

He came when the sun was out, and he came when it rained. Parking was no fun either. He brought joy to my often exhausting and painful days. Every time he came into the room, at any time of the day, he would bring me a little something to cheer me up: a box of chocolates, lotion for my dry skin, a funny card, and even a big, pink, stuffed teddy bear. I looked forward to these surprise visits.

This act of kindness touched my heart and I just want to say thank you for being who you are and for making my stay in the hospital more bearable.
--Adele Poupart

A lifetime of love
Sometimes it is hard to put words to someone's kind act or something that touched your heart so intensely. Still, I thought I can share my thoughts about one of the greatest inspirations in life. It is none other than my life partner Gurpreet Singh, who chose me as his better half seven years ago.

I was so alone as I lost my parents when I was too young and being a self-made person, I was studying in a good college and trying to collect the broken pieces of my life. All I wanted was love and love. It was something I yearned for.

He came into my life, made me a better person, taught me life's real meaning. He is the one who brought out my cooking talent and encouraged me to pursue it. Nowadays after his job, he helps me to get to my job as a chef, helps me with the dishes, grocery shopping...I can go on and on but, in nutshell, I can never thank God enough for blessing me with the joy of my life. I am none without my Gurpreet. Thanks Gurpreet for being mine in this lifetime.
--Jasjit K. Singh

Completing dreams
I want to write to you, to tell you about my mother, Arlene Dodding, who has been committed to helping adults complete their high school diplomas. People who never believed they could do it were able to make their dreams come true, thanks to Mom's persistant encouragement. Mom is retiring this summer and I hope that this note might reach someone who needs prompting to dream big.
--Lynn Teefel

Cutting for a cause
I just found out about your living for "Me to We" campaign and I am sorry that I missed the entry for nominations. However, I did want to pass on this story of hope for our future generation of "Me to We" children. I own a dance school in Hamilton, Ontario and a year ago I decided that I would grow my hair for Cancer and then cut it off to donate to make wigs for children with cancer. I told my students what I was doing and asked if any of them wanted to join me in growing and then cutting off their hair that would be wonderful.

I was hoping that maybe I could convince 10 children to join me in my cause. To my suprise and extreme amazement 45 students decided to join me. So on Sunday October 2, 2005 we will all be cutting off our hair for cancer. The children have also raised money through sponsors to donate to a local cancer charity that helps people living with cancer right in our community. I just think that it is amazing that these children are so unselfish and courageous to do such a good thing for someone else at such a young age. They are truly an inspiration to me and I am sure to many others. So I just think that collectively they are an amazing "Me to We" story and I feel so proud to know them all and I think that they show great promise for our future generations.
-- Christena Hampson-Covello


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Canadian Living Me to We: Reader recognitions