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The home electronics shopping guide

The home electronics shopping guide

Author: Canadian Living

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The home electronics shopping guide

Buying a new gadget or gizmo -- for yourself or a loved one -- can be an overwhelming endeavour. Not only can the jargon be difficult to decipher, but prices can be steep and technology evolves so fast you might be afraid your new purchase will be obsolete by the time you get home and take it out of the box.

If that sounds familiar, don't worry -- we can help. This tech shopping resource guide breaks the geek speak down into street speak. We'll look at the hottest trends, share tips on how to get a good deal and suggest a handful of tech toys that suit your needs and budget.

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How to buy an e-reader, tablet or other tech gadget
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5 tips for buying new electronics
Whether you're after a new TV, computer, phone or gadget, get it at a great price with tech expert Marc Saltzman's five tips.

8 tips to get the most from your electronics
Find the answers to your most common technology questions.

Marc Saltzman is one of North America's most recognized and trusted tech experts, specializing in consumer electronics, Internet trends and interactive entertainment. Saltzman has written 14 books and currently contributes to nearly 50 high-profile publications in Canada and the U.S.

He also hosts various video segments, including "Gear Guide" (shown before films at Cineplex theatres) and "Gadgets and Games" (a weekly spot on CNN), and is a regular guest on CTV's "Canada AM." Saltzman also hosts "Tech Talk," a radio show that is syndicated across Canada. He lives in Toronto with his wife, Kellie, and their three young children.

This story was originally titled "Holiday Tech Shopping Guide" in the January 2012 issue.

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The home electronics shopping guide