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Volunteer centre

Volunteer centre

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Community & Current Events

Volunteer centre

Here's a collection of articles from and our sister site to inspire you to get, and/or, stay involved in your community. Charity work is a great way not only to give back, but also provides wonderful ways to bond with family, friends, neighbours and even strangers (who may become friends).

Read on for great ways to use your skills, talents and abilities for the good of others.

Volunteer vacations
Learn how to turn a vacation into an opportunity to help others.

My volunteer summer vacation
Enjoy your summer while doing something worthwhile.

Volunteer in an animal shelter or at the humane society
Interested in helping out but don't know where to start? Here's how.

Plant seeds of hope
Tips for volunteers in a community garden.

Virtual volunteering
Volunteer from the comfort of your home.

How to get enough good volunteers
There are some people who love organizing events. Learn how to get them to work for you.

How to give without being taken
5 tips for avoiding tsunami-relief, and other, scams.

Volunteering 101: How to get started
Discover great ways to effectively give your time and energy to a cause you support.

Building and bonding
A construction novice lends her hands to Habitat for Humanity.

Women's work
In male-dominated Kenya, tradition has kept women in almost overwhelming oppression. But together, across this African country, women are changing their destinies with little more than a vision and their own bare hands.


The Me to We philosophy
Recognize the important role you play in the world community with inspiration from an excerpt from Me to We: Turning Self-Help On Its Head (John Wiley & Sons, 2004)

Living Me to We
Learn what it means to live the Me to We way.

Canadian Living Me to We: Honourable mentions
Refreshing and inspiring stories of everyday kindness.

Me to We: A Survivor's story
Find out how a reality-television contestant found a sense of purpose abroad in a book excerpt from Me to We: Turning Self-Help On Its Head.

Me to We: Canadian kids help tsunami victims
Kids across the nation are reaching their helping hands over to Southeast Asia.

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Community & Current Events

Volunteer centre