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Budget travel: new capsule hotel, Antwerp, Belgium

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Budget travel: new capsule hotel, Antwerp, Belgium

Small spaces. Great value. I tend to keep an eye out for budget accommodation when I'm travelling. Sometimes it's nice to splurge. Amazing room service is a welcome indulgence on a much-anticipated get-a-way. And who wouldn't want to curl up in 800-count linens in a posh hotel. But there are times when I like to cut back on the hotel bill, and spend those saved dollars (or pounds or yen) on activities, admission frees or other vacation experiences. If you've got a trip to Belgium on your mind, I urge you to consider the latest capsule hotel on my radar. It's called the ASH (Antwerp Student Hostel) but don't let the name fool you. "We rent out long-term student rooms to students in exchange programs but the ASH is open for everyone, including solo travellers and groups," says developer David de Munter who's part of the innovative team behind the capsule introduction to Antwerp. The ASH is inspired by the tradition of capsule hotels in Japan, which has spread to major cities such as Amsterdam, London and New York. Typically, they are small accommodations with a focus on efficiency. The capsule hotels  I've visited in London and New York aren't the types of places where you hang out a lot of the time. You're basically there to sleep, maybe eat, while you focus on exploring the city. The ASH capsule hostel offers a few extras including sound-proofing, a communal kitchen, a garden and a laundromat. The common areas are excellent places to hang out and meet fellow travellers. communal-garden

Communal garden area (Photo: Courtesy ASH Hostel)

ASH capsule hotel, Antwerp, Belgium

Bunk-bed dorm rooms: perfect for solo travellers, couples and families (Photo: Courtesy ASH Hostel)


 Shared kitchen (Photo: Courtesy ASH Hostel)


Library/study room (Photo: Courtesy ASH Hostel)


 Room to relax, play pool, have a drink, meet fellow travellers (Courtesy: ASH Hostel)


 Street view of ASH capsule hostel, Antwerp, Belgium (Photo courtesy ASH Hostel)

For more information, visit the ASH Web site.


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Budget travel: new capsule hotel, Antwerp, Belgium