4 ways to put your mom first on Mother's Day

4 ways to put your mom first on Mother's Day

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4 ways to put your mom first on Mother's Day

Mother's Day is almost here. Though you might be tempted to head to the nearest card store and florist and take the easy (or at least conventional) way out, there are other, more lasting ways to celebrate the occasion. While there is nothing wrong with flowers or traditional gifts, there are some other ways you might be able to put a smile on your mom's face this year.

Erica Ehm, the publisher of, says the best way to bond with your mom and make her feel special is to be empathetic and to really show her that you appreciate all the hard work she does 365 days a year. Here are a few ways to show her just that.

1. Make your mother's life easier
Mother's Day is a day dedicated to your mom. One way you can help make her feel special is by just going ahead and making her life easier for the day. There's bound to be something you can do to help her out.

"Take away her workload and take it on without question and without grimacing," says Ehm. "This is the perfect day to make sure her house is neat and to make sure she has a bit of alone time. Give your mom some space and respect, and show her gratitude by literally taking on all of her work."

Tasks you can help with can be anything from doing her grocery shopping to walking the dogs to tackling her to-do list for the day -- or even the week!

2. Find out what she wants
Listen for clues about what your mom would like to do or what she'd like to have, and then make sure it happens, says Ehm. "You need to be a detective and listen to her conversations. Is there a book she wants to read? A restaurant she wants to try? A movie she wants to see?"

By deciphering what your mom really wants -- and making sure she gets it -- you show her that you've listened and are able to attend to her wants and needs, and with pleasure, Ehm explains. "It shows that you're not just shopping to buy stuff, but that you really understand who your mom is as a woman and that you'd like to give her gifts or an experience that you know she'd like to have."

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3. Show your mother how much you appreciate her
This Mother's Day make sure you acknowledge everything your mom does and has done for you over the years. "The number one thing for moms is they want all their hard work to be acknowledged. To be appreciated is the best gift on Mother's Day," says Ehm.

You can show your mom your appreciation in a variety of meaningful ways. "Give her an experience, give her free time and give her a work-free zone," says Ehm. These three things all say that you see how hard your mom works, you know what she likes and what makes her happy, and you want her to have the things that are meaningful to her, she explains.

4. Don't make your mother work on her special day
While it might seem like a good idea to traipse over to your mom's house, with your husband, kids and dogs in tow, to have a big brunch celebration, be sure to avoid making more work for your mom in an attempt to do something nice. "You know," says Ehm, "when the kids make a big breakfast for mom and then leave a mess -- that's bad."

Steer clear of a breakfast in bed gone wrong and take control of the day, Ehm advises. It your mother is older and you are celebrating her day as well as yours, why not go out to a restaurant so everyone can take a break? Plan ahead to make things easy for everyone involved and so that no moms are in a position where they are stuck doing any work.

When celebrating Mother's Day, remember to give it your all and, most importantly, to be present. "To me it's a daylong event. It's a good 14 hours of mom being the star and mom not having to do any work," says Ehm. Making your mom feel like she's number one doesn't have to be difficult. Simply being there for her in any way she needs is the best way to show your love and boost your bond in the process.

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4 ways to put your mom first on Mother's Day