Steps to resolve conflict

Steps to resolve conflict

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Steps to resolve conflict

Have you ever felt so frustrated after a fight with someone because you feel there's no way to repair the damage?

Even our best relationships with partners, friends and family are suceptible to fights or other conflict. Although arguements (and the following solutions) are essential to strengthening our closest relationships, it's important to note that when conflict arises, we should try to make things right.

Before your next argument turns into a brick wall you can't break down, our experts suggest taking these steps to resolve conflict – sooner, rather than later.

Photo gallery: 8 ways to fight fair and resolve conflict

Arguments are a given in any relationship. It's how you take steps to resolve conflict that counts.

Before reacting, take a minute to reflect and gather your thoughts. If you feel yourself boiling over, step away. Take a walk or a run and process your thoughts before agreeing to talk them over with your friend.

How to get good marriage counselling

Learn how finding the right counsellor can help ease the rising conflict in your relationship.

Marriage is seen as a commitment - for keeps. When distress abounds, couples are faced with a number of survival strategies. For those that cannot hunker down or pull together, marital therapy is seen as strategy to get on track.

Steps to resolve conflict with a friend

Are you ready to forgive and forget? Here's how to get a friendship back on track.

Maintaining friendships takes hard work and just like romantic relationships, they sometimes fail. But a broken friendship doesn't have to stay that way and it's a lot easier to find your way back to an old BFF than to try to rekindle a relationship with a lost love. If you're thinking about making amends with an ex-friend, here are a few tips.

7 tips for handling arguments in front of your child

Occasional arguments with your partner will inevitably happen in front of your child. Here's how to minimize the damage.

Your husband has left dirty dishes on the counter overnight again. Your toddler is refusing to eat her breakfast. You're stressed and exhausted.  Instead of letting cooler heads prevail, you snap back and an argument begins. Learn these steps to resolve conflict to lessen the negative effects fighting has on your child.

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Steps to resolve conflict