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8 apps to help you save money

8 apps to help you save money

Author: Canadian Living

Money & Career

8 apps to help you save money

1. Save money on gas with Gasbuddy
Find real-time gas prices (gathered by a network of volunteer price spotters) at stations near you. For every gas price you report, you earn points toward a giveaway.
Compatible with: Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows

2. Save money on flights with FareCompare
Compare prices on thousands of flights from multiple sources. Sign up for When-to-Fly Airfare Alerts and get up to six notices in your inbox a day, letting you know when the airfare drops on the flight you're planning.
Compatible with: iPhone

3. Avoid heavy ATM fees with ATM Finders
These apps use GPS technology to find your bank's nearest ATMs and branches, allowing you to avoid the hefty service charges of generic bank machines. Search for your bank's nearest ATMs by city, postal code or landmark.
Compatible with: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

4. Find great online coupons with Groupon mobile
Search for local daily deals in more than 20 cities and save 50 to 90 per cent on goods and services. Then, simply present the coupons on your mobile device – no printing necessary.
Compatible with: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad, Windows and mobile web

5. Get free net access with Wi-Fi Finder
The GPS functionality tells you exactly where the closest free or paid Wi-Fi hotspots are – with a database of more than 650,000 locations across 144 countries – and it tells you how to get there. You can filter by location type (restaurant, hotel, etc.).
Compatible with: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

6. Download free ebooks with Stanza
This digital book reader allows you to purchase popular new books from a selection of more than 50,000 titles, as well as have free access to an additional 50,000 classics and recent original works. Transfer any of your electronic books to Stanza to keep your collection organized.
Compatible with: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

7. Avoid pricey long-distance calls with Skype
Video-call and instant-message any other Skype user for free. Save money on long-distance charges by getting overseas family and friends to sign up as well.
Compatible with: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

8. Find free parking spots with Open Spot
Anyone leaving a parking spot can let others know where the free spot has just opened up. Search for spots within a 1.5-kilometre radius that became free within the past 20 minutes and stop draining your gas tank circling the block. Spaces reported within the past five minutes are designated with red markers.
Compatible with: Android

This story was originally titled "Free for the Taking" in the April 2012 issue.

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Money & Career

8 apps to help you save money