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Top 5 financial apps

Top 5 financial apps

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Money & Career

Top 5 financial apps

It's hard to remember life before the smartphone. Today, many of us use our mobile phones to do everything from reading books and finding recipes to recording music and sharing videos. But one big advantage to using a smartphone is that there are numerous financial apps to help you keep track of your money.

Here are the five of the best financial apps.

1. Mint

Sync this program up to your bank accounts (don't worry, it's safe) and keep track of exactly how much money you're spending each month and on what.

You can classify every expense into categories like clothing, restaurants, childcare and more, which makes it easy to figure out what to cut back on if money gets tight. Connect your investment accounts too, to see how much you're making (hopefully not losing!) in the market.

2. Receipts

If you like to keep track of all your individual bills, then this financial app is the one for you. This program allows you to take pictures of every receipt, which you can then organize by type of expense. You can also record voice memos and attach related files from other apps so you can remember every last detail of a transaction. You can then export this information into an Excel file come tax time.

3. Bloomberg

As important as it is to track your own finances, it's also a good idea to stay on top of what's going on in the business world. This financial app is one of the best news-related programs around. Read interesting pieces on the global economy or find out what's happening with Canada's markets specifically. You can also enter and save any stocks you hold in the portfolio tracker to see how they perform each day.

4. TD Bank

Everyone should download their bank's app. They're all similar, but TD's is one of the best. While the app does the basics -- like checking the balance of your account -- it also lets you transfer funds, pay bills and trade investments. With this app, you can easily find the nearest TD ATM and branch, too.

5. Debt Minder

If you're struggling with debt, or simply want to watch your mortgage payments fall every month, then get this financial app. Plug in how much you owe in car and mortgage payments, student loans or credit card debt and then use the program to create a payment plan. You can organize debts by highest interest rate or smallest balance to help you determine where to make payments first. Watch your balance fall as you make payments.

These are just a few of the must-have financial apps out there. Whatever program you use -- and you'll likely want to use a few together -- budgeting, saving and investing your money has never been easier. Everything you need is right at your fingertips!


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Money & Career

Top 5 financial apps