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Top tips on giving debt the boot

Top tips on giving debt the boot

Author: Canadian Living

Money & Career

Top tips on giving debt the boot

Refreshing your finances and trying to ditch your debt doesn't have to be a daunting task. Read on for expert tips on how to put money back in your pocket and get a fresh outlook on your finances.

Manage your money
How to get a fresh start on your finances
Do you put your money in the right place? Should you re-think your savings strategy? How about your mortgage? Here are some easy-to-follow steps to help you overhaul your finances.

10 tips for stress-free money management
How to work as a couple towards financial freedom.

Financial strategies tailored to you
Get recommendations based on your needs, whether you're in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s or beyond.

30 simple ways to improve your finances: credit ratings, mortgage brokers, car insurance and more
From choosing a mortgage broker to cutting costs, here are 30 ways for Canadians to get smart about money.

Money and relationships
Stop fighting over money!
Solid-gold advice for couples on avoiding cash conflicts.

Could money issues ruin your relationship?
David Bach tells you how to become avoid money woes and become a rich couple, from Smart Couples Finish Rich.

Quiz: What's your financial savvy?
Take the "Smart Couples Finish Rich" financial knowledge quiz and find out!

The money quiz
Are you a wealth whiz or an accounting amateur?

Couples financial personality quiz
Discover what you and your partner's financial personalities are to help increase your potential for financial success.

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How to budget and save money
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Keeping fit doesn't mean having to spend loads of money. Read on for tips on how to keep your svelte figure while on a budget.

Trim your grocery bill
Save money on your food purchases with these easy tips.

5 ways to stretch your grocery dollars
Learn how to save money on food shopping without skimping on dinner.

6 budget grocery shopping tips
Trying to cut back? Start with your grocery shopping habits. Here are 6 great tips that will help you save money at the grocery store.

10 things you're wasting your money on
Is the cash in your wallet always mysteriously disappearing? Maybe you need to get a grip on your spending habits. Here are 10 things you could be wasting your money on.

8 easy ways to save money
Change your spending habits with expert tips from a financial therapist.

How to live on less money
Whether you’re new to saving money or an experienced pro, here’s how to stay on track when it comes to living on less. It’s easier than you think.

Top 10 budget busters
Be prepared for life's unpredictable expenses.

10 tips for looking great on a budget
Read these great money-saving tips on how to be a fashionista for less.

Easy ways to save money
Learn how to save money by making small lifestyle changes – without giving up all the fun.

10 ways to save money on gas
Worried about the high cost of gas? Try these 10 tricks that will save you money at the pump.

Want to make more money?
Great tips for making more money
Learn some easy ways to earn money outside of the office.

7 ways your home can make money for you
Who knew you could be living in a money-maker? Learn the seven ways you can make money off your home.

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Money & Career

Top tips on giving debt the boot