Your pet dog: A complete caregiver's guide

Your pet dog: A complete caregiver's guide

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Your pet dog: A complete caregiver's guide

Do you have dog-related questions? Well we've got your answers! From advice on which breeds to consider when looking for a family dog, to a discussion about homemade dog food, to tips about an aging pet, you'll find help in our dog articles.

It's a dog's life

Are you ready to own a dog?
World-famous dog whisperer Cesar Millan shares 10 questions you should ask yourself before adding a pet to your family.

The top 5 family-friendly dogs
Find out what breed will make the best pet for your family.

Choosing the right puppy
Little tricks and things to watch out for choosing your new furry friend.

How to test a puppy's personality
Try these three tests to give you a good idea of what a puppy’s personality is like -- before you make your choice.

Dog Q&A
Get inside your canine friend's brain, from how he sees to why he yawns.

How to make your dog eco-friendly
How green is your pet? Get tips on going eco-friendly when it comes to your cat or dog.

Secrets every dog lover should know
Do you have a dog, or do you want one? Read this interview with dog lover and author Jon Katz.

Canines in cyberspace
Dogs and the people who love them are making more and more connections online.

Who's in charge: you or your dog?
Are you the pack leader in your home, or does your dog run the show? Read these tips for making sure your dog knows who’s boss.

Dog aggression
Children with animal-bite injuries make up one per cent of all emergency-room visitors, reports Canadian Hospital Injury Reporting and Prevention. Find out about the different types of dog aggression and how to deal with them.

How to fly with pets: Tips for taking dogs on airplanes
Planning an airplane trip with your dog? Before booking your ticket, read these 7 tips.

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5 best ways to find a vet
Easy steps to finding your pet's dream doctor.

Making your own dog food
Pet deaths from tainted dog food have been all over the news. Should you make homemade dog food? A vet weighs in.

5 reasons to walk your dog more
Why you’ll be be healthier and happier with regular exercise.

Vaccinating your dog
Tips from vets on how often Fido needs his shots.

Basic commands that can prevent your dog from being injured
Some pet tricks are more important than others. Learn the basic commands your pet should know.

Dr. Walt's happy tails: What to do when your dog is itchy
Beat the season of the itch with tips on how to prevent and get rid of fleas

How to care for older pets
How to keep your aging dog or cat comfortable and youthful.

Keeping your dog warm this winter
If it’s too cold for comfort outside, keep your furry friend cozy with our tips in mind.

Dr. Walt's happy tails: Identifying your dog's tummy troubles
How to help a car-sick dog, and dealing with pets who like table scraps.

Doggy crafts

Pooch art
Learn how to draw a funny dog with these step-by-step instructions.

Expert tips for stunning pet photography
How to get the best shot of your favourite pooch.

Comfy dog pillows
These soft and comfy portable seats have many uses, from chair cushions and pet beds to cozy spots for napping children.

Sew a cute dog collar
This easy collar for small or large dogs will have you thinking crazy thoughts like, ‘Maybe I chould make a collar for Sparky to match my skirt today.’

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Your pet dog: A complete caregiver's guide