10 sweet date ideas

10 sweet date ideas

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10 sweet date ideas

When romance first grips two people, a whirlwind of courtship begins with couples engaging in intimate dinners for two and cuddles in the back row of the cinema. Somehow, after the vows are spoken and the baby becomes a night crawler, romance often finds itself banished to the back seat of the family minivan. Before surrendering yourself to another evening of watching The Wiggles, take comfort in knowing that the romance you once shared can be recaptured when you spend time together one-on-one.

1. Yoga is sexy
If yoga brings impossible pretzel poses to mind, abandon your fears and embrace this sensual activity that physically brings couples closer together. Toronto yoga teacher David Robson owner of Catfish Yoga Shala teaches couple's yoga that shapes partners into various postures. It's natural to be nervous as a beginner, but Robson reassures that once a class is underway, tension leaves. "Resistance melts quickly away when they [couples] learn they don't have to chant." Yoga class is a great date because couples learn to reevaluate touch. "The dynamics of a relationship comes out. Couples need to work together," says Robson.

2. Climb every mountain
Introduce your partner to the sport of rock climbing. Many clubs offer reasonable packages for couples. Why does rock climbing inject passion into a relationship? As Meagan Alkemade of Toronto's Joe Rockhead's indoor rock climbing explains, it is a two-person operation. "You have to work together to climb successfully." Alkemade says you don't have to be in great shape to rock climb. "If you can walk up stairs, you can climb. Good climbers are sexy! They are great to watch as you have to perform smooth movements [to make it up the wall]."

3. Take a culinary trip to an exotic destination
If you and your partner haven't had the chance to purchase some fabulous exercise gear, hit the town and try a different type of cuisine. Syndicated advice columnist Ellie Tesher believes a night spent at a Moroccan restaurant will dust off the lust for lovers. "You tend to sit closer together at this type of restaurant. It is very sensual experience as you are eating with your hands. Very seductive."

4. A lust for learning
What could be sexier than education? Get a babysitter and meet your partner after work to attend a culinary class at a nearby community college, private cooking school or grocery store. Many institutions offer long- and short-term courses that emphasize the sensual side of food; meaning meals made for two. Working together on a romantic meal can spark future intimate dinners at home.

5. Discover your inner Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers
One of the most romantic images I've ever seen was of my Uncle Peter and Aunty Irene dancing at a family function. I never thought of my uncle and aunt as romantic figures, but all that changed when they embraced and effortlessly glided across an empty dance floor. How much they loved each other was expressed in some simple moves that locked them in a prolonged embrace. If a dance school is out of your budget, check your local paper for clubs that offer short-term dance instruction. It is all about being in sync with your partner.

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6. Home spa
Block off at least two hours on an interruption-free evening (yep, call up that babysitter) and treat each other to an inexpensive home spa. Ellie is a firm believer in the romance of a home spa for its relationship-rejuvenating qualities. "Skin touching skin is very important to reconnect and remember why are you are together." Pick up some candles and your favourite bath potions and treat each other to relaxing massages.

7. Pottery for two
Take a hint from Demi and Patrick in the film Ghost and get all hot and bothered while making your own pottery. Pottery A Go Go, owned by Deborah Zuereb is a Toronto-based company that brings the studio to your home with no fuss on your part. "Clay has a really sexy texture," says Zuereb. "It gets you down and dirty."

8. Plan a getaway
Even if you arrange an overnight jaunt to a nearby attraction, planning a trip builds anticipation for the time you'll spend together in a new environment. Couples often rely on one person to make travel arrangements, but sharing ideas lets you inform each other about what really turns you on. Click here to find out if you are vacation deprived.

9. If music be the food of love, play on...
Composer Frederick Chopin seduced author George Eliot (Mary Anne Evans' pseudonym) by playing the piano for her, but if all you can play is chopsticks, cheat by going to the symphony. Even die-hard metal heads will swoon to the works of Beethoven and Mozart.

10. Take a walk
If your busy household only allows for brief moments together, make a date to go for a walk with your loved one. "Walking together, just to chat with no pressure is a lovely way to spend time together," says Ellie.

Whether you whisk each other away on a weekend getaway or take a 20 minute ride alone to the store, what is most important is spending alone time together. It's a surefire way to keep your relationship hot.

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10 sweet date ideas