4 wedding anniversary gift ideas

4 wedding anniversary gift ideas

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4 wedding anniversary gift ideas

There are certain days of the year that are obvious gift-giving occasions, such as birthdays and Christmas. But when it comes to wedding anniversaries, many couples are unsure about whether or not to buy something, and about what type of gift is appropriate if they do buy something.

To take some of the guesswork out of gift giving, we turned to Robyn Spizman, a leading gift expert and author of The Perfect Present: The Ultimate Gift Guide for Every Occasion (Crown, 1998). She shared her advice on what to give your loved one on your wedding anniversary. "When people are made to feel cherished, that's just so special for a couple," she says.

1. Think about presentation

As tempting as it might be to buy your other half the latest gadget or electronic toy he's been hinting at and call it a day, find a unique way to present your anniversary gift, Spizman advises. "Think about a way to give a memory w ith a gift by the manner in which it is presented," she says.

She suggests using words to help create the memory. If you're getting your partner a watch, present it with a handwritten note containing a sentiment that makes the gift even more thoughtful, such as: "Spending time with you is the greatest gift of all." Try to be as conscious of how you present the gift as you are of what you select.

2. Make it meaningful
When deciding what to buy, ask yourself how your significant other can enjoy your anniversary gift. Instead of just getting him the iPad he's been hinting at, create a slide show of your wedding pictures or of your favourite photos from a recent vacation on it. If he likes to cook, load up his coveted gadget with recipe apps and suggest making more meals as a couple. The key is to really think about what's going to say: "I love you. You mean the world to me." You add value to the gifts you give when you offer something that the two of you can enjoy together.

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3. Factor in marriage milestones
Though small tokens of love are nice, and it is always the thought that counts, it's also great to give a larger or more meaningful gift for monumental years. "Each year can symbolize a different thing," says Spizman, who suggests going bigger when it comes to celebrating a wedding anniversary. "You might go to Hawaii on a cruise for your 10th anniversary. You might go to Canyon Ranch Spa for your 20th. Gifts can keep on giving if you really enjoy them together." The added bonus of a getaway gift is that you gain so much from sharing the experience of planning the trip together, packing and looking forward to your adventure.

4. Set guidelines
When it comes to exchanging gifts, it's a good idea to be on the same page as your partner. "With anniversaries, it's important to make it clear what the boundaries are. You need to clarify what you want to do this year," Spizman explains. It becomes uncomfortable if you get him a small anniversary gift and he gets you something extravagant, so have a discussion to set a budget and simplify the process.

"Maybe it's a hard year financially. Maybe this year will be the refrigerator year and you'll stock it with frozen foods that you cook together," Spizman suggests. Ensuring you're on the same page will help you avoid disappointment and feelings of resentment.

Choosing a gift for your wedding anniversary can be tricky, but it shouldn't be stressful. By putting more stock in making sure your selection is meaningful rather than costly, you're much more likely to hit on something special that really shows your spouse you care.

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4 wedding anniversary gift ideas