6 fun and affordable date ideas for fall

6 fun and affordable date ideas for fall

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6 fun and affordable date ideas for fall

As the days start getting shorter and the weather gets cooler it's easy to give in to your temptation to hibernate and avoid being active. But if you've just started a new relationship or you're hoping to turn something causal into the real thing, the last thing you want to do is stay inside, letting the season dictate your dating habits.

We asked Julian Brass, the founder and publisher of, a website that focuses on what to do and where to be in Canada, for his insight into some of the best options for memorable cooler weather dates. So get ready to rev up the romance this fall!

1. Be playful
Brass suggests heading to a pumpkin farm this fall, where the two of you can find the perfect pumpkin for Halloween. It will make you feel like kids again and is a great low-key way of getting to know each other better.

He also suggests making your afternoon a little more adult-like by brining along the right beverages. "A glass or two of a deep red or crisp chardonnay always adds to the excursion," says Brass. Bring a canteen filled with wine or spiked apple cider and consider packing a picnic, depending on the weather.

Another great option for fall is apple picking. "It's playful, inexpensive, romantic and healthy," says Brass.

2. Get cultured
When it comes to fall activities, Brass' top pick is attending the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). If you live in Toronto it's a great way to spend an evening, and if you're from out of town and not on a tight budget it makes for a perfect weekend getaway.

"Go to dinner and an opening show, and if you can get access to an after party, that's just the icing on the cake," he says. Getting tickets to a film you both want to see can be a great opportunity to do something outside the norm.

Can't make the trek to TIFF? There are always other great entertainment options closer to home. "So many new plays and theatrical performances kick off in the fall," says Brass. Check your local listings to find out what will be coming through your city.

3. Focus on romance
There's nothing like some good old-fashioned romance to tighten the bond between two people. Brass suggests a drive in the country as the quintessential fall date. "With the leaves falling and the beautiful colours on offer, taking a romantic drive outside of the city is an easy and romantic date idea."

You don't necessarily need a destination, either. Just pack a picnic and pull up at a park to relax and enjoy the fresh air. "Try a fall sundown picnic," suggests Brass. "Dress appropriately and pack blankets."

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4. Indulge a little
Whether you know your Merlot from your Shiraz or not, wine tasting can be a great way to spend a day.

"A civilized wine tasting is a good way to incorporate alcohol in an elegant, fun and interactive manner – and it never hurts to learn more about wine," says Brass.

Do some online research to find out where to head for a wine tasting near you or check in with your local wine shop. They might have suggestions on where you can do a wine tasting on a budget.

5. Get moving
What better way to get to know one another than by doing something that gets you moving?

"Take advantage of the last few nice days and go on a long walk through your city, stopping at hidden gems and favourite spots alike," suggests Brass. "Try one place for coffee, another for an appetizer, one for a meal and one for dessert." This will allow you to spend the day together in a way that keeps the momentum going and the fun factor high.

6. Be a team player
Embrace your sporty side by bundling up and catching a game together for a laid-back fall date.

"So many sports teams are starting up their seasons in the fall. Grab a pair of tickets, head to dinner and enjoy the energy of your fellow fans rooting for your home team," says Brass. Feel free to cheer loudly, wear team colours and show your date a playful side he hasn't seen before.

The end of summer might feel like the end of dating season, but don't let the shorter days and cooler nights get you down. There are plenty of date ideas to keep you busy throughout the fall.

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6 fun and affordable date ideas for fall