6 ways to protect male fertility

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6 ways to protect male fertility

Your odds of becoming pregnant don't just rest on your shoulders; your partner has some substantial input too. Here are a few tips to help the man in your life protect his fertility.

Choose sperm-friendly lubricants for sex
''Most lubricants kill ejaculated sperm,'' says Dr. Anthony Cheung, founder and medical director of the Grace Fertility Centre in Vancouver. Select a specially formulated product that will keep sperm alive during sex, such as Pre-Seed.

• Keep testicles cool

''There's evidence that really high temperatures can actually impair male fertility,'' says Dr. Cliff Librach, director of the Create Fertility Centre in Toronto. Men should avoid tight spandex bike shorts, wear loose undergarments such as boxer shorts, steer clear of saunas and hot tubs, and avoid resting a warm laptop on their thighs.

• Butt out
Dr. Kimberly Liu, a reproductive specialist at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, says that men who smoke have lower sperm counts.

• Protect the family jewels

''Wear protection when you're playing sports. If a man gets an injury to his testicles, it can affect his fertility,'' says Librach.

• Muscle up without steroids
''Men who do a lot of weight lifting should avoid steroids or supplements that may contain testosterone. The testosterone will actually counteract sperm production,'' says Liu.

• Practise safe sex

Some men don't realize that sex without a condom can introduce their bodies to sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia and gonorrhea. Liu says these diseases can have long-term fertility repercussions, such as harming sperm production, scarring the male genital tract and impairing the release of sperm.

This story was originally titled "What About His Fertility?" in the April 2013 issue.

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6 ways to protect male fertility