Husband driving you crazy? Here's how to get over it

Husband driving you crazy? Here's how to get over it

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Husband driving you crazy? Here's how to get over it

Admit it: sometimes your partner can be hard to take. He shrunk your cashmere sweater. He blew $200 at the casino. He made a golf date with his buddies instead of coordinating a weekday off with you.

So don't get mad – get even. We know you're too good of a person to play (too) dirty, so here are 10 revenge ideas to help you get over it.

1. Go get a mani-pedi. Use the household bills account to pay for it. Hey, at $50, it's a splurge, but it's cheaper than couples' therapy. Bad-o-meter rating: Moderate

2. Using a cheerful voice, announce you're pooped and are going to the gym to re-energize with a workout and sauna. He can feed the kids, take them to the playground, wash 'em up and get them ready for bed. "I'll be back at 10. Thanks, Honey!" Bad-o-meter rating: Low

3. Facebook an old boyfriend. Hey, just because you're now Facebook friends, it doesn't mean you've done anything wrong (as long as you leave it at that). Bad-o-meter rating: Moderate to high, depending on whether or not you start messaging each other.

4. Secretly unprogram all the series he has set up to record on the PVR. And never, ever confess. Bad-o-meter rating: Moderate

5. Storm out and go watch The Hills at your gal pal's. Oh, and bring that bottle of wine you and he were saving for a special anniversary. Bad-o-meter rating: Moderate

Make sure to include his white boxers in your next load of laundry – the one with all the brights. Bad-o-meter rating: Low – at least you're doing a load.

7. Rent every Christian Bale movie that Blockbuster has and spend the week savouring each one – on the big screen TV he likes to watch sports on. Bad-o-meter rating: Low

8. At dinnertime, serve him the scorched piece of chicken. Bad-o-meter rating: Low (Hey, someone's got to eat it.)

9. Visit With an online community of exasperated women who post on forum topics like "Men & Multitasking: Is your other half incapable of doing more than one thing at a time?" and "Has He Got Manesia?: Does your man have an amazing memory for some things but when it comes to you he forgets everything?" you're guaranteed a supportive environment where you can gripe – and discover you're not the only one being driven insane by their guy. Bad-o-meter rating: Low

10. Look serious, take a deep breath and then announce: "Honey, we need to talk." Bad-o-meter rating: Sky-high. You know he'd sooner go get his back waxed.

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Husband driving you crazy? Here's how to get over it