Fun family travel ideas

Fun family travel ideas

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Fun family travel ideas

Every family deserves a getaway, whether it's a tropical vacation to beat the winter blahs or a quick day trip to recharge your batteries. Family travel outside your neighbourhood is the thing that memories are made of.

Parents: You can plan a fun family trip south with nary a Mickey, Minnie or Pluto. In fact, your kids may forget about all their favourite movie characters after some R 'n R in Sanibel, Florida. Find out why in our photo gallery below. Working parents who are lucky enough to go on business trips: Why not bring along your brood? You'll be surprised how easy and rewarding this kind of trip can be. You'll also find helpful guidelines for safe travel during pregnancy and an over-the-top, character-filled tale of one family's amazing vacation to a massive theme park.

Photo gallery: Family travel in Sanibel, Florida

Heading to Florida but looking to explore a fun new destination that’s not Fort Lauderdale or Orlando? Try Sanibel.

Not a "Florida person"? Maybe it's time to reconsider. Florida remains Canadians' biggest family travel destinations, and there's more to it than the commercialism of Orlando's theme parks or the party-hardy vibe of its young-and-restless beaches like South Beach in Miami.

Business travel with kids

A guide to making your working trip family-friendly.

"Mom has a meeting," my four-year-old cheerfully informed the front desk clerk as he smiled down from the children's check in desk at the Delta Chelsea in Toronto. Usually those four words would have my five daughters groaning "not again," but this time, Mom's business travel had translated into a weekend in Toronto for the six of us.

Travel during pregnancy: Is it safe?

Find expert tips on how to make travelling when pregnant as comfortable and safe as possible.

Many women continue to travel, both for work and pleasure, while they are expecting. Here are some things to keep in mind to ensure safe family travel.

Travel idea: Head to Orlando, Florida for your next vacation

Discover why family travel in Orlando is fun for everyone.

A trip to Florida's theme parks is a dream vacation for many Canadian families. But I'm a nature girl who avoids line-ups, and even kiddie rides render me green and nauseous for days. So I was a bit amused to find myself cuing up with my daughters for a photo with Spiderman at Universal Studios in Orlando last May.

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Fun family travel ideas