Hottest Canadian celebrity hangouts

Hottest Canadian celebrity hangouts Image by: Author: Canadian Living


Hottest Canadian celebrity hangouts

With film festivals and big-budget movies taking over the Great White North, Canada is quickly becoming a hotbed for some major celebrity activity. But where do these celebs go when they have a few minutes away from the set? Read on for some of the best restaurants and places to star gaze in our own backyard.

Osteria De Medici, Calgary, Alberta
This Italian-inspired restaurant located in the heart of Calgary is known for more than just its five-star rating and exquisite food, it's known as the best place to go star gazing in Alberta. With celebs such as Anthony Hopkins, Cuba Gooding Jr., Tom Selleck and many others making their way through its doors, Osteria is more of a celebrity hub than a restaurant.

Trattoria Sotto Sotto, Toronto, Ontario
In Toronto there are many places to rub shoulders with the celebrity set, but none as exciting as Trattoria Sotto Sotto. With a Romanesque dining room set in luxurious Yorkville, Sotto Sotto has become a celebrity magnet for stars such as Johnny Depp, Natalie Portman and Dustin Hoffman. This restaurant is also infamously connected with the Jude Law – Sienna Miller break-up as the place where Sienna loudly accosted Law about his infidelities.

Fairmont Chateau Whistler, Whistler, British Columbia
With the Fairmont Chateau Whistler being voted the #1 ski resort in North America and the #1 golf resort in Canada, it’s no wonder the celebrities are flocking to this BC hideaway. Justin Timberlake and ex-girlfriend Cameron Diaz have been spotted on several occasions shredding the snow in Whistler and relaxing by one of the outdoor fire pits in the Fairmont’s Mallard Lounge. Other celebrities known to have made a visit include Tom Cruise, Kurt Russell, James Gandolfini and – be careful ladies – Mel Gibson.

Tribe Hyperclub Montreal, Quebec
After sex tapes, hard partying and jail time, Paris Hilton made a splash in Montreal with a night of more hard partying and an infamous 100-metre limo ride to Tribe Hyperclub in Old Montreal. With its 100,000 watts of pumping house beats, glass bars and leather couches, Tribe Hyperclub is the place to be for young rich celebrities.  

West restaurant, Vancouver, British Columbia
With Vancouver being anointed as Hollywood North it's not surprising to find that there are just as many places to spot celebrities as there are celebrities themselves. With its four-star rating and award for the best restaurant in Vancouver, West restaurant is a star favourite. Even James Bond himself – Pierce Brosnan – was rumoured to be so enamoured with West's elegant background and contemporary regional cuisine that he treated his entire crew to dinner while shooting a film in Vancouver.

One Restaurant in the Hazelton Hotel, Toronto, Ontario
If having a chef as talented as The Food Network's Mark McEwen isn't enough to draw in the celebrity crowd, the location of the Hazelton Hotel itself will. Located right in the heart of Yorkville – ground zero for the Toronto International Film Festival – One restaurant garnered more big names this year than any other restaurant or hotel around. With stars such as Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, Reese Witherspoon and many others, The Hazelton may just be the hottest new spot around for the avid stargazer.

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Hottest Canadian celebrity hangouts