Travel tips: Where to go, how to stay safe

Travel tips: Where to go, how to stay safe

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Travel tips: Where to go, how to stay safe

Health & Medical
• Depending on where you're visiting, you may need to get vaccinated for illnesses, such as malaria or hepatitis. As soon as you choose your destination, contact your local Public Health branch or your host country to determine the medical requirements – and find out how far in advance you need to visit your doctor for any vaccinations or medication (it could be weeks or it could be months). 

• If you have an ongoing condition that could require attention (diabetes, heart condition, etc.) make a point of locating the nearest hospital and/or clinic upon arrival.

• If travelling to a place where you don't speak the language, learn the proper terms for your illness in the local language.

• Travel plans are often nonrefundable so cancellation insurance is a good idea.

• Whether travelling out of the country or out of province, understand what you're covered for and purchase extra travel insurance if necessary.

• Always carry proof of your insurance, including the company's name and
phone number.

Passports & Visas
• Make sure that the expiry date of your passport is well beyond your return date.

• Make two photocopies of the identification page of your passport, leave one copy with a friend or relative at home and carry the second photocopy separately from your passport when you travel.

• Check specific visa or entry requirements with Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada at

Backup Numbers
• Make a list of all emergency phone numbers (family, work, consulates, embassies, credit card toll-free numbers in case of stolen credit cards), and make copies so that you can carry one with you and keep one copy in safety deposit box at your hotel.

• Make multiple copies of your itinerary and accommodation phone numbers and leave this information with more than one friend or family member at home.

Drink Only Purified Water
• Drink only beverages made from purified water. Eat foods that have been thoroughly cooked.

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Travel tips: Where to go, how to stay safe