Visit Greece: 5 reasons to travel to Athens and Santorini

Visit Greece: 5 reasons to travel to Athens and Santorini

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Visit Greece: 5 reasons to travel to Athens and Santorini

Ah, Greece! The inviting culture, the delectable food, the breathtaking landscapes. With its enchanting mix of ancient history and bustling modern life, it’s no wonder that Greece graces the must-visit lists of so many travellers.

If you haven’t made the commitment to take in all the splendours Greece has to offer, the following five great reasons to visit Greece will inspire you to pack up today and fly off to this treasure of a vacation spot.

1. National Archaeological Museum of Athens

Whether or not you’re a passionate history buff, the National Archaeological Museum of Athens is well worth your time when you visit Greece. Built in 1889, the building could be considered a historic monument and it houses some of the earliest accounts of Greek civilization.

When you visit Greece you’ll be awed by the sophistication of early Greek society and will have the opportunity to marvel at beautifully intricate sculptures, jewelry, and other works of art. Taking the day to amble through the more than 11,000 exhibits is a great way to jumpstart your trip to Greece and it offers a fascinating look at the origins of modern society as we know it. It will make you appreciate your time in Greece all the more.

2. The Acropolis
One of the most famous monuments in Athens, the Acropolis is a must-see site for its merit as an archeological wonder and for its breathtaking views of the city. Climb the steps to see the Parthenon and the Old Temple of Athena. Or in the evening, enjoy live entertainment at the outdoor Theater of Herod Atticus and imagine yourself as a member of ancient Greece out for a night on the town.

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You cannot miss seeing the Acropolis at night. When the sun goes down, the entire cliffside lights up and the Parthenon looks majestic sitting atop it. Scattered below the hill, you’ll find cafes and outdoor patios each with a dazzling view of the site. So take your pick, order a glass of wine and lose yourself in the grandeur of Athens.

3. Grecian beaches

If you’re dreaming of a sandy paradise for your next vacation, you're guaranteed to find your perfect piece of shoreline in Greece. With over 13,000 kilometers of coast, Greece and its islands offer something for beach bums of every persuasion.

Formed from volcanic ash, the unique black and red beaches of Santorini are a favourite among tourists from around the world. The white coastline of Ios offers gorgeous views of neighbouring islands for you to soak up along with those rays. You'll find pebbly party beaches like Paradise beach in Mykonos or softer, secluded retreats like Egkremnoi on the coast of Lefkada.

Whatever your pleasure, Greece's beaches will not disappoint. So bring a good book and lots of sunscreen because once you find your personal oasis, you may decide you never want to leave.

4. Greek food
The simplicity of Greek cuisine offers charm, and fresh, in-season ingredients are the foundations of every meal. Even those who prefer experimentation in food can't help but appreciate fresh bread served with an olive oil that's been perfected over thousands of years of history. 

Of course, no hungry travellers can truly say they've experienced a Greek meal without sampling a Greek salad in the country that gave it its namesake. The feta alone is enough to make anyone a believer.

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If you're not salivating yet, you will be when get your hands on a warm, flaky spinach and cheese pie (spanakopita) or sautéed aubergines layered over savoury minced meat filling (moussaka). It's simply divine!

As you walk through the streets of Athens, restaurant owners display their menus outside for passersby to peruse. Pause to have a look, and you'll likely be approached by a waiter promising the freshest and most authentic food you've ever had. Odds are, he's right.

5. Santorini at sunset

An eight-hour ferry ride from Piraeus port in Athens, Santorini is well worth the wait. Arguably the most famous of the islands, Santorini is a shutterbug's dream. It's here that you'll find the picturesque white houses cascading down cliffsides that have come to represent the Greek landscape worldwide.

Tourists can spend the day exploring shops and chasing down that perfect shot, but the Santorini sunset is the real showstopper. Honeymooners and other coupled-up vacationers won't want to miss this.

One evening here and you'll be convinced that Santorini is indeed the birthplace of romance. What's more enchanting than sitting at a cliffside café watching the sun sink behind a volcano over the deep blue waters of the Aegean Sea?

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Visit Greece: 5 reasons to travel to Athens and Santorini