8 most memorable wedding moments

8 most memorable wedding moments

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8 most memorable wedding moments

Every bride and groom hopes that all of the time, energy and little details they put into planning their wedding result in unique and memorable moments shared with family and friends.

With that in mind, we asked some real Canadians to share their favourite funny, special and unexpected moments from their own nuptials.

1. Open mike night

"If our guests wanted us to kiss, they had to come up and tell a story or sing a song into a microphone at the front of the room.

It was so funny to hear stories about my husband that had never come out before and to have my oldest friends share so many entertaining stories about our adventures growing up."

-- Sarah, married three years, Montreal

2. Royal wedding

"We were married in St. John's, N.L., and on the day of our wedding there was also an air show featuring the Canadian Forces Snowbirds. During our ceremony, the Snowbirds actually flew over the church! This was especially exciting for me as I have always been fascinated by the Snowbirds. ‪‪

To top it off, on the night of our wedding we stayed at a beautiful boutique hotel in the same room that Prince Charles and Camilla stayed in when they visited St. John's. It was so luxurious and we certainly felt like royalty."

-- Allison, married three years, Ottawa

3. Getting to sleep after the wedding

"The most memorable moment of my wedding was being able to catch up on weeks of lost sleep after it was over!"

-- Elisha, married 10 years, Sherwood Park, Alta.

4. Making a grand entrance

"We hired a live band for our wedding dance and they suggested playing the Black Eyed Peas' "I Gotta Feeling" when my husband and I entered the reception. All of our friends and family jumped out of their seats and joined us on the dance floor as soon as we entered. It really set the tone for a truly great night!"

-- Suzanne, married three years, Ottawa

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5. Wedding ceremony surprise

"I had a destination wedding, so the number of friends and family members who were able to come was fairly small. My most memorable moment was being surprised by my fabulous friend doing one of our readings. The officiant was losing his voice on the day of the ceremony, so unbeknownst to us he asked my friend to do the reading at the last minute. It was such a nice surprise!"

-- Heather, married five years, Cornerbrook, N.L.

6. Missing out on wedding desserts

"Between the receiving line, hours of pictures and going table to table trying to see everyone and thank them for coming, we barely sat down all night, never mind getting to taste any of the food.

My most memorable moment was when we went to another friend's wedding at the same hotel a few months later and they had an elaborate dessert table. My husband turned to me and said: 'This is such a good idea! Why didn't we have a spread like this?' I just had to laugh, because we did!"

-- Lily, married four years, Halifax

7. Phone call during the wedding ceremony

"We had a Hindu wedding ceremony, which my 70-year-old grandfather, a retired Hindu priest, insisted on performing himself. My most memorable wedding moment was when his cellphone rang in the middle of the ceremony... and he answered it! He politely asked the person to please call back at another time.

The photographer even got a great shot of my husband and I at the altar, and my grandfather on the phone. We laugh about it now, but at the time I did not find it as hilarious."

-- Priya, married one year, Toronto

8. Risky business

"My most memorable moment was after the ceremony when the photographer took us to some beautiful old ruins. I wasn't sure about climbing around in my gown and heels, but the results were amazing and definitely worth taking the risk!"

-- Colleen, married seven years, Nelson, B.C.

Whether the most memorable moments from your own wedding day are scripted or unscripted, you are creating lasting memories that you and your nearest and dearest will look back on fondly -- or at least have a good laugh about.

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8 most memorable wedding moments