10 tips to prepare your skin for sunny weather

10 tips to prepare your skin for sunny weather

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10 tips to prepare your skin for sunny weather

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1. Fresh face forward
Flare-ups often occur during changes of season, especially if you suffer from dry skin. Pamper your skin with a cream or gel mask with concentrated humectants. Look for hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, aloe, honey, cucumber and other natural moisturizers.

2. Moisture surge
If your daily moisturizer is a serum or lotion, your skin probably doesn't feel hydrated after applying. Try swapping your lotion for a hydrating cream. There are plenty of nongreasy, fragrance-free and lightweight creams available at beauty counters. Look for one that absorbs quickly and leaves your skin looking plump.

3. Bottoms up
The average person should drink two to three litres (eight to 12 cups) of water per day. Water helps flush out toxins, which can reduce breakouts. Having adequate amounts of water in your body will hydrate and give your skin a plumped-up appearance. For best results, evenly spread out your water intake throughout the day.

4. Snack time
Incorporate some monounsaturated fatty acids into your daily diet. Our bodies need this type of fat for healthy skin and cell development. An easy, tasty way to do this is to eat a handful of almonds every day. If you're worried you might overeat, make your own portions: fill a small container with 25 almonds per day.

5. Dream creams
If your makeup looks flaky and caked-on only a few hours after application, it's time to kick your powders to the curb. Get a dewy-looking complexion by switching to creamy cosmetics. Try using cream eye shadow, blush and highlighter, particularly if you have mature skin.

6. Bulk balms
Your lips don't produce sebum, so it's important to keep them hydrated. Don't lick your lips, because saliva dehydrates them – dab on some balm instead. Next time you're in the drugstore, load up on inexpensive lip balms; they are just as effective as more expensive ones. The trick is to buy enough balm so you have some around at all times: keep one in your purse, gym bag, office drawer, bathroom and car.

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7. Bath time
Keep showers and baths short and sweet – less than five minutes is ideal. Avoid superhot water; if it's too warm, it can strip essential oils and moisture from your skin. Replace products with heavy fragrances, dyes and soaps with skin-softening oils.

8. Rub down
Before going to bed, massage a rich emollient body cream or balm into your skin from shoulders to toes. Dry skin around your joints needs extra TLC. As for feet, slather on a rich treatment cream, then pull on a pair of cotton socks.

9. Tint it on
Switch your daily cream or powder foundation to one that's more hydrating and breathable, such as a tinted moisturizer. It gives skin an extra hit of moisture, evens out skin tone and hides minor blemishes without looking like it’s caked on. Pick a tinted moisturizer with a blend of shea butter, glycerin, jojoba oil and other skin-hydrating ingredients.

10. Scrub-a-dub-dub
Rejuvenate winter-blasted skin with a loofah or a naturally abrasive exfoliant in the shower. It's a great way to remove layers of dead skin that have accumulated over the winter and it also stimulates circulation, which promotes new skin cell growth. After you wash up, apply a hydrating lotion to your shower-moist skin.

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10 tips to prepare your skin for sunny weather