5 fresh ways to update your beauty routine for spring

5 fresh ways to update your beauty routine for spring

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5 fresh ways to update your beauty routine for spring

It's a great time to update your beauty regimen. Instead of shelling out for a whole new makeup bag worth of products, try adopting these five beauty trends that flatter multiple skin tones and don't require a plethora of tools and products to achieve.

To help us better understand the season's must-try makeup trends, we spoke with veteran hair and makeup artist Sonia Leal-Serafim. She shares her tips and tricks for getting a new look for spring.

1. Achieve a silky complexion
The days of dewy complexions are over. "I'm not seeing that and I'm not seeing the matte look either," says Leal-Serafim. "Instead, it's the optimum healthy skin look -- it's satin."

To get a silky, satiny complexion, try mixing cream and powder-based products together to create a fine balance that's not too matte and not too dewy. "Any time you use a cream blush or cheek colour, finish it with a powder to set the cheek colour longer," Leal-Serafim advises. Not only will it last longer, the look will be silky-smooth and healthy looking -- perfect for warmer weather.

2. Opt for pretty, feminine colours
While last year saw dramatic androgyny among its top makeup looks, spring 2012 is all about soft, feminine colours.

"Colours for spring are more pastel," says Leal-Serafim. "We're still using the same bright colours as last year, like tangerine, blue and pink, but in pastel versions. The colours are softer, more feminine."

Pink in particular is back in a big way, whether through lip colour, eye shadow or blush. "Pink is a huge colour this year, along with coral reds. They're pretty and very user friendly," she explains.

3. Embrace strong, well-groomed eyebrows
Full, strong eyebrows are a must-try look for spring, though Leal-Serafim stresses the importance of modernity: "They're not like in the '80s," she maintains, which was an era of prominent and bushy brows. "For spring, brows are defined, but very strong and very, very well groomed."

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Tips for well-groomed eyebrows: To keep your eyebrows defined but natural looking, Leal-Serafim recommends using a few different shades of colour and swapping a brow pencil for brow kits that contain powder and wax. "Depending on what your eyebrow scenario is naturally, it can be very hard for a pencil to stick to the skin," she explains. "So it helps to mix the pencil with a powder and wax, and then you can brush it through your brows so they appear natural and full."

4. Keep lips full
As natural looks become increasingly popular, Leal-Serafim suggests following the spring runway trends with full, unlined lips. "I like the fuller lip," she says. "An unlined lip with a sheer splash of colour is very easy to achieve and it's very versatile. It's very pretty and refreshing."

To create a fuller lip, you'll want to avoid matte lipsticks or excessive gloss. Since neither appears natural, opt for a tinted lip balm that you can smear onto your lips for a just-kissed look, or grab a lipstick brush to create a painted-on effect.

5. Luxurious lashes
While dark lashes are always in style, Leal-Serafim maintains that the trend has a big place in spring 2012. "Mascara really enhances the eyes," she says. "Use black mascara because the blacker your lashes get, the whiter the whites of your eyes will be and the colour of your eyes will be enhanced," she explains.

The other key to this season's luxurious lashes is remembering to curl them. Since curling your eyelashes will help brighten your eyes, combining a silicon-based curler with traditional black mascara will ensure that you open up your eyes and create a lash look that gets noticed.

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5 fresh ways to update your beauty routine for spring