Beauty advice: Solving skin problems

Beauty advice: Solving skin problems

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Beauty advice: Solving skin problems

How do you solve that unforeseen beauty crisis? You do it right away. You use the most inventive techniques available, with whatever product you can find that works.

There's nothing like a pimple to ruin a look. And models learn at a very early age how to deal with them on the spot.

Calamine lotion: If your pimples are rash-like, apply calamine lotion and let dry overnight.

Eye redness reliever: Just as it gets the redness out of the eyes, it quickly eliminates the redness from the pimple. The pimple is still there, but it is invisible.

Tea tree oil: It's the best antiseptic for dealing with pimples. Drop a little on a cotton swab and hold it to the pimple for a minute or two.

Toothpaste: Take a little toothpaste (not gel, it doesn't work) and dab it on your pimple. Leave it on overnight.

Saliva: Spit on your finger and apply to zit. Saliva is a powerful antiseptic.

Salt: Combine 1 teaspoon table salt with one cup lukewarm water. Dip a piece of gauze into the mixture, then lightly press it against the blemish for one minute. The salt solution will help bring down swelling and eliminate redness.

Enlarged Pores: Tighten them with a paste made from a packet of yeast moistened with just enough lemon juice to make a paste.

Back breakouts: Wash area with dishwashing detergent. Yes, what it does for dishes (cuts the grease) it can do for back and chest breakouts. Apply it with a bath brush, not with your hands. Follow with an application of benzoyl peroxide.

Major Breakout Emergency: Rub half a potato all over your face. Leave the raw potato juice on for twenty to thirty minutes. Rinse with cold water.

Dull Skin
Spritz face with equal parts cold water and witch hazel. Finish with tinted moisturizer. Don't use face masks more than once a week. They cause flaking.

Red, Blotchy Legs
The shin bone is difficult to shave because the bone is pointed, and the razor is flat. Shave the flat sides of the bone, rather than the center of the shin.

Apply a leave-in hair conditioner to get a smoother shave. Some shaving gels can cause irritation and redness.

Rash Reliever
Take two aspirin (an anti-inflammatory), then apply a cold milk compress to the affected area.

Excerpted from 911 Beauty Secrets: An emergency guide to looking great at every age, size and budget (Sourcebooks Inc., 1999).


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Beauty advice: Solving skin problems