Celebrity makeup and beauty secrets revealed

Celebrity makeup and beauty secrets revealed

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Celebrity makeup and beauty secrets revealed

Whether they're stepping out on a red carpet or being photographed on the street by the paparazzi, Hollywood's leading ladies always look polished and put-together. It seems like they never have a bad hair day, a breakout or makeup that melts. So what are their secrets?

The truth is, these A-listers have teams of devoted hair, makeup and wardrobe stylists who calculate their every beauty move to keep them looking on top of their game. (And that's not even counting the personal trainers, nutritionists and dermatologists they keep on speed dial.)

But there's good news for the rest of us: There are a few simple beauty cues you can steal from your favourite celebrities that will have you looking glam in a flash. Hair and makeup artist Sheri Stroh reveals the secrets to achieving these A-list signature looks at home.

1. Penélope Cruz's smoky eyes
Penélope Cruz is known for wearing dramatic smoky eye makeup on the red carpet. The look might seem intimidating, but she makes it look effortless by using a colour palette of neutral brown and gold eye shadows.

To mimic her look, Stroh suggests "smudging a deep brown eye shadow from your lash lines to the creases of your eyelids and then adding a black eyeliner along the inner rims of your eyes, to define and play up your eye shape." To complete the look, dot a bit of gold shadow in the inner corners of your eyes to add highlights, and finish with a few coats of black mascara.

2. Beyoncé Knowles's glowing skin
Glowing skin from head to toe is Beyoncé's signature beauty look. To get the same effect, Stroh suggests adding a pump of luminous highlighter, like Benefit's Watt's Up!, to your regular moisturizer. Mix the products together in your hands and then apply the combination all over your face. For the most natural look, "make sure you find a product that leaves a subtle sheen instead of heavy glitter," says Stroh.

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3. Megan Fox's lush lashes
It's possible to get mega eyelashes like Megan Fox's without resorting to a pair of false ones. "Start by curling your lashes. For added oomph, use a primer to bulk up your lashes before applying mascara," says Stroh.

As for the mascara itself, Stroh advises using both a thickening formula and a lengthening formula for the best results. "Apply the thickening formula first and then layer the lengthening one on top," she says. "Then alternate back and forth with each until the desired effect is achieved." Apply the mascara in an upward and outward motion to get the most dramatic application.

4. Maggie Gyllenhaal's long-lasting pout
Red lips are a classic Hollywood look, but they require plenty of maintenance. Rather than opting for a long-wear lipstick, which can dry out your lips, Stroh recommends using a creamy matte formula.

"To make your lipstick last, apply it in layers and blot your lips with tissue in between coats," Stroh says. "This creates a stained effect." Just be sure to keep each layer modest -- not goopy or heavy -- so that it's easy to layer. Another trick: Before you apply your lipstick, coat your lips with a red lip liner. This will stain your pout, making it less noticeable when your lipstick fades.

5. Christina Hendricks' shiny hair

Fiery red shiny hair, like Christina Hendricks's, is downright desirable. But with all the colour treatments and heat tools we use on a regular basis, transforming damaged tresses into healthy ones can be a serious feat. Stroh believes in using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that will nourish your hair.

Getting a trim every six to eight weeks is another way to avoid dry-looking locks. If you're looking for a quick fix, apply a shine serum to your hair once it's styled. Use a small dime-size amount and focus on the ends -- avoiding your roots. Too much product can lead to greasy strands instead of silky ones.

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6. Sarah Jessica Parker's dewy complexion
Dewy skin looks incredibly fresh and youthful, and it's one of Sarah Jessica Parker's signature looks. Start with well-moisturized skin. This will help minimize the signs of any fine lines or wrinkles because your skin will be plump and smooth.

Next, apply a creamy highlighter, like Nars The Multiple, on the high points of your face. "Apply it on top of the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and the Cupid's bow of the lips," says Stroh. If you have fair skin, use a silvery shade. Medium skin tones should use a golden shade and dark skin looks great with a bronzy colour.

7. Victoria Beckham's sculpted cheekbones

While chiselled cheekbones like Victoria Beckham's are stunning, very few of us are blessed with them naturally. However, with a few contouring tricks, you too can have sculpted features. "Use a matte bronzer to contour just underneath your cheekbones and add a bit of blush to the apples of your cheeks," says Stroh.

To make it easier, suck in your cheeks and use the hollows as a guide for the contouring. To find the apples of your cheeks, smile and place the colour on the fleshy part of your cheeks. When applying the products, swirl them into your skin in a circular motion, rather than swiping them back and forth. This will avoid creating hard lines and will leave you with a natural look like Ms. Beckham's.

Creating a flawless look on your own shouldn't be difficult or daunting. With just a few products and these expert tips, a manageable at-home beauty routine can become a reality. In the end, it's all about trial and error, so go ahead and try something new.

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Celebrity makeup and beauty secrets revealed