Expert advice for basic hair care

Expert advice for basic hair care

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Expert advice for basic hair care

Advice abounds when it comes to basic hair care, but choosing what advice to follow isn't always easy. Is shampooing every day good for my hair? Should I lay off the conditioner? How should I be drying my hair?

Julia McEwen, a beauty editor at Canadian Living, dishes on how to keep your tresses looking and feeling silky, smooth and healthy. And read on to discover the top 10 eco-friendly shampoo products - tested to guarantee they really work.

Slideshow: 10 tested eco-friendly shampoo picks Do you need to wash your hair every day?
Julia McEwen:
Washing your hair daily is a faux pas, so cut down your dependence on suds. Wash two or three times a week with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner, and if your mane is really dehydrated add a moisturizing hair mask. If your hair is limp and oily you’ll need to wash it more frequently, but try and cut down to five times a week. To soak up excess oil use a dry shampoo, a life-changing product for ladies plagued with oily scalps.

CL: Do you have to use conditioner after you wash your hair?
This all depends on the texture and consistency of your hair. If you have thick, coarse hair you should slather on the conditioner every time you shower, especially if you've cut down on washing to a few times a week. However if you have thin, oily hair then you can skip the conditioner for a wash or two. Also, select a conditioner with a feather light formula that won't weigh down your hair.

CL: Should you change shampoo every once in a while?
In my opinion, this falls under the category of 'beauty myth.' If you find a shampoo you love, then stick with it! However, if something changes with your hair (going grey or getting a colour treatment) or changes in your environment (pollution or hard water), you may want to make an adjustment to find the perfect shampoo to protect or combat the new state of your hair.

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CL: What's the secret to shiny, healthy hair?
There are plenty of things you can do to help promote healthy hair. Here are a few:

• Weekly hair masks (especially if you have dry, frizzy hair)

Regular visits to the salon for trims

• If you colour your hair, stay close to your natural colour – extreme bleaches and some dyes can leave your hair brittle and damaged

• Don't use heat products such as a flat or curling iron or a blow dryer on your hair every day. And when you do use these styling tools, use a heat-protecting product on your hair first.

More expert hair-care tips:
• Rinse ends with cold water. This will temporarily make hair look shiny and smooth.

• Always be sure that you have no product left in your hair before you hop out of the shower. Rinse until the water running down the drain has no more suds.

• Don't rub your hair with a towel when you're drying off – it will damage the hair. Instead, scrunch your hair with your towel.

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Expert advice for basic hair care