Five minutes with Blake Lively

Five minutes with Blake Lively

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Five minutes with Blake Lively

On the red carpet or off-duty, Blake Lively always dresses with flawless precision. The all-American actor (married to all-Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds) has risen from her Upper East Side role on Gossip Girl to become an international sweetheart, particularly with the fashion set. Few actors seem to hold half as much style credibility as Lively.

She’s a fashion muse (Christian Louboutin named a shoe after her—the ultimate fashion accolade) who often dresses sans-stylist for red carpet events and is well on her way to becoming a hair icon. I caught up with Lively in Paris hours before L’Oréal Paris announced she would be joining Jennifer Lopez, Julianne Moore and Beyoncé as one of the brand’s beauty ambassadors.

Julia McEwen:
How does it feel to be added to the elite list of L’Oréal Paris beauty ambassadors?

Blake Lively:
“It’s such an honour because the women that I’m in the company of are my idols! Beyoncé is it for me and Julianne Moore is somebody who’s not just a remarkable actress, but her persona is amazing; she is everything I aspire to be! Freida Pinto, Jane Fonda... [they’re all] incredible women who are inspiring, all for different reasons.”

JM: Would you consider yourself a beauty girl?

BL: “I can’t paint, but I’ve always wanted to paint. So I use other mediums that allow me to paint, whether that’s makeup, fashion or decorating. Makeup has always been something I’ve loved. I do my hair and makeup for a lot of events because I think it’s fun.”

JM: When prepping for an event, what features do you like to play up?

BL: “It’s always something different. Some days it’s the eyes, then lips, or maybe it’s just golden skin. For me, it’s about an overall look. That could mean I want to be more retro, or go more modern and sleek.”

JM: How do you stay on top of what’s going on in fashion?

BL: “Every fashion week is just so crazy. Once you think you’ve got your look for the next event, there’s another round. I love! I’ll keep folders of [designers] I love.”

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This story was originally titled "Five Minutes With Blake Lively, Actor" in the March 2014 issue.
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Five minutes with Blake Lively