Growing out bangs? These hair tips will help

Growing out bangs? These hair tips will help

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Growing out bangs? These hair tips will help

So you got bangs. And now you're over them. We spoke to Mark Townsend, Dove celebrity stylist, to get the tips you need to grow out your fringe.

Maybe your favourite celebrity updated her ’do with a fringe. Or maybe you just decided to take the plunge with a banging new hairstyle. We applaud you for taking a risk, but we know that it doesn’t always work out. Whatever your reason for deciding to ditch your bangs, here are some tips that will make the growing-out process less painful.

Embrace your styling options
Deciding to grow out your bangs lends itself well to playing with different styling options. Dove celebrity stylist Mark Townsend recommends making the bobby pin your favourite hair accessory. “I love it when a woman works a centre part and uses multiple bobby pins—a lot—to secure the side in a stylish way,” he says. If that’s a little too runway-inspired for you, try pushing your bangs to one side across your forehead and securing them with a few bobby pins, making for a retro feminine look.

Also, it’s a good idea to blow-dry your growing bangs—even if you let the rest of your hair air-dry. “Taking a few minutes with a blow-dryer can save you a lot of hassle for the rest of the day if you’re over having your fringe in your face,” says Townsend. “Simply blow-dry your bangs to one side.” 

Know your products
When your bangs start to graze your nose, you may find yourself pushing them away more—and the oil on your fingers can make your fringe stringy or greasy. “I advise clients with a fringe to carry a bottle of dry shampoo in their purse for touch-ups on the go,” says Townsend. An added bonus? The starches in dry shampoo will let you push the fringe off your face and make it stay off because of the extra dose of hold. This means ditching any products that will add oil or grease to your growing fringe.

Keep trimming
It might seem counterintuitive to cut hair that you’re trying to grow, but regular trims—yes, that includes your bangs—will ensure that your hair grows strong and healthy. Be sure to let your hairstylist know you’re switching up your style so he doesn’t take off too much. Townsend also recommends asking your hairstylist to point-cut your bangs to take the heaviness out of them. “This will make them seem longer but feel lighter.”

Be patient
Hair typically grows about a quarter to half an inch each month, so really, it comes down to being patient. Getting the right amount of sleep, eating nutrient-rich foods and drinking lots of water will certainly help. Looking for an added boost? Townsend recommends Viviscal supplements to his clients who are determined to grow out their tresses.


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Growing out bangs? These hair tips will help