Hair colour tips for women

Hair colour tips for women

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Hair colour tips for women

Even if you haven't stepped foot into a salon for awhile, you've still likely noticed drug store shelves and even supermarkets have stocked their shelves with dyes to change your tresses any colour of the spectrum. Women and men are changing their hair colour to the tune of nearly 10 billion dollars globally each year, and Canadians are no exception.

But, chameleons, do you know what your natural or bought hair colour could indicate about you? Discover the secret meaning of your hair colour in our photo gallery, below.
Colour seekers will find advice to get expert colour at home and preserve a new dye job, Women who wear their hair au naturel will discover how to boost the shine and sparkle of grey and white hair.

Photo gallery: What does you hair colour say about you?

The hair colour you choose reflects your personality. Learn what your hair colour may be saying about you.

We've all heard them before: Those stereotypes about a woman’s hair colour and what it means. And there's no point beating around the bush: Blondes are typically the butt of the jokes, fending off baseless accusations about their intelligence (or lack thereof). But do gentlemen really prefer blondes? Do blondes really have more fun than brunettes and redheads? And what about the rest of us?

Preserve your hair colour

Get tips on keeping your hair colour fresh between trips to the salon.

You know the story – you go to a salon, get a fabulous new hair colour, feel like a brand-new woman, and then three weeks later, the colour has faded. It's not uncommon, says Colin Ford, Technical and Education Manager at L'Oreal Professionel – all it takes is careful maintenance.

Grey and gorgeous

Find out how to keep your silvery locks shiny and strong.

Are you tired of covering your grey hair? Covering peek-a-boo grey locks has long hovered at the top of many a woman's must-do beauty ritual list. And with approximately a quarter of the female population showing evidence of grey hair between the ages of 24 and 35, worrying about the big cover-up can start relatively early in life.

How to colour your hair at home

Facts and easy tips for colouring your own hair.

Home hair colour: The basics
"I'm an artist. With home colour plus the guidance of your own stylist and home-kit hotline experts, you can become the artist of your own appearance."
Brad Johns, the Clairol global colour director and colour director of the Red Door Salon at Elizabeth Arden in New York City

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Hair colour tips for women