Healthy hair guide: 15 tips for healthy hair

Healthy hair guide: 15 tips for healthy hair

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Healthy hair guide: 15 tips for healthy hair

Keeping your hair at its healthiest can be a simple task with these industry experts' tips and tricks. Here is their best advice:

1. Cool off in the shower, says Brian Phillips, founder of World Salon. "Blasting your scalp with extremely hot water will dry out your hair and create tangles that could result in breakage," he warns.

2. To keep split ends at bay, Phillips recommends trimming your hair every six to eight weeks.

3. Justin German, Pantene Pro-V consulting stylist, sprays detangler on wet hair before using a wide-toothed comb to prevent hair from breaking.

4. Beware of heavy processing. Luis Pacheco, Clairol consulting colourist, says choosing a dye that is within a few shades of your natural hair colour is gentler on your hair.

5. Embrace your roots. Give your hair some time between dye jobs, says Pacheco.

6. Leave colour to the pros, says Dan Sharp, T3 lead stylist. "We end up fixing a lot of bad colour jobs that clients did themselves. It's never good for the hair, as it usually takes bleach to get rid of unwanted colour."

7. If you colour your hair, always use a shampoo and conditioner suited for colour-treated strands, says Pacheco. They'll keep hair hydrated and keep your colour in its original saturated state.

8. "If your hair is long enough, braid it to avoid tangling as you sleep," says German. "This will also give you a great wave and an easy style in the morning."

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9. When tying up your locks, use covered elastic bands. "For heavy or difficult-to-hold hair, place two bobby pins on either side of the elastic to anchor it in place," says Phillips.

10. The sun can take a serious toll on your hair and scalp. "The best protection is a hat," says Sharp.

11. Take a vacation from your heat-styling tools; shelve them for two solid weeks and give your strands a rest.

12. If you swim in a chlorine pool, wet your hair and apply conditioner before securing your swim cap.

13. Regularly wash your hair with a gentle shampoo. This will remove built-up sebum and pollution so your scalp can breathe, says Phillips.

14. Invest in quality heat-styling tools. Inferior ones require you to go over the hair many times in order to achieve a smooth style. That can cause damage to the strands, explains Sharp.

15. Try a new hair style. Tying or clipping your hair day after day could result in breakage from the repeated stress placed on the same part of the hair shaft, says German.

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This story was originally titled "Your Healthy Hair Guide" in the April 2013 issue.

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Healthy hair guide: 15 tips for healthy hair