How to cover dark under eye circles

How to cover dark under eye circles

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How to cover dark under eye circles

To get the best coverage—without caking on too much makeup—we spoke to Lori Taylor Davis, Global Pro Lead Artist for Smashbox Cosmetics.

Covering under eye circles often takes more than a quick swipe of concealer. Whether your suffer from darkness around the eyes due to genetics or burning the midnight oil, dark under eye circles take away from that fresh-faced look we’ve come to rely on to get us through the day. And sometimes, adding makeup only seems to emphasize lines and wrinkles around our eyes or makes our eye area look heavy.

We asked global pro lead for Smashbox Cosmetics Lori Taylor Davis, to let us know the best way to cover up those dark, under eye circles.

Step 1: Primer
Primer readies the skin for makeup application by locking in hydration from your moisturizer and smoothing any fine lines that you don’t want your makeup to sink in to. “Use a small amount of under eye primer which will add radiance and hydration to the eye area,” says Davis.

Step 2: Colour correctors  
Colour correctors work to reduce or neutralize skin tone issues and are used under concealer or foundation. You probably already know that applying a green colour corrector will neutralize redness (and is great for covering blemishes), and the same logic applies when covering dark under eye circles.

If your under eye circles are more yellow or sallow, try a purple-tinted concealer. If you need some brightness around the eyes, try a peach or pink concealer. If your circles are purple, try a yellow toned concealer.

Davis recommends using colour correctors sparingly and strategically—only applying the colour to the area that needs attention.

Step 3: Lightweight coverage
Finally, cover everything with an under eye concealer that matches your skin tone. The way to make sure that everything looks natural—and not caked on—is to “make sure that every layer is thin and sheer,” says Davis.

For each layer, make sure to gently pat in the product with your ring finger. This will ensure you aren’t placing too much pressure on the skin around the eye, which is very delicate. Gradually building coverage will ensure a polished, and fresh-faced look that will cover even the darkest of circles.

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How to cover dark under eye circles