How to look years younger

How to look years younger

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How to look years younger

Think you need a battalion of Hollywood cosmetic surgeons to help you look years younger? Not so. You can soften time's toll yourself, with our expert tips for hair, skin and makeup.

5 steps to thick, glossy, richly coloured hair
1. If you have fine, limp hair, ask your stylist for a cut and colour that makes hair look full. Thickening or volumizing shampoo, conditioner and styling products are must-haves. Colouring your hair will also help because colour coats the hair shaft, which thickens it a bit.

2. Lighten your hair colour a couple of shades to counteract the unflatteringly harsh contrast with an aging, paling complexion. "Go for a cool colour if your skin tone is cool, or warm if your skin tone is warm," says colourist Christopher Martin, co-owner of Shagg Salon in Toronto. If you're completely grey, take your hue cue from your childhood colour.

3. Keep your dye job vibrant with colour-enhancing shampoos and conditioners -- they're also good for giving natural colour a lift. If you've embraced grey as your hair colour of choice, use a shampoo and conditioner specially designed to brighten grey.

4. For youthful-looking hair, take your shine to mega-watt levels with an at-home shine kit or colour-glaze treatment.

5. Rejuvenate your cut and style. "Stiff, set hair looks old," says Daniel, a stylist and owner of Salon Daniel in Toronto. "Swingy hair is young. Ask for a style with easy movement, that doesn't need a lot of work to look great."

5 steps to soft, supple, glowing skin
1. We've said it before: wear daily SPF to protect against the sun's damaging UVA and UVB rays. A minimum of SPF 15 is the route to minimizing fine lines, deep wrinkles, brown spots and uneven pigmentation.

2. Rev up a dull complexion with mild exfoliation, either daily or three times per week, and boost the process occasionally with a gentle at-home peel-and-microdermabrasion system. Follow with moisturizer. "Exfoliated and moisturized skin makes makeup look better, more natural," says Toronto-based celebrity makeup artist Alice Kilpatrick, whose clients include Gena Rowlands and Reese Witherspoon.

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3. Use anti-aging moisturizer (including eye cream)day and night. If you're bothered by sun and age spots, look for spot-fading formulas that brighten skin gradually.

4. For safe sun-kissed colour, try a moisturizer that contains a small amount of self-tanner.

5. In the shower, exfoliate your body with a scrub mitt or loofah. Smooth on body lotion while skin is still damp.

6 steps to pretty, youth-enhancing makeup
1. Groom those brows. Seek professional brow help if you don't trust yourself to tweeze a clean, flattering arch. Define with an angled brush and a touch of shadow that matches the highlights in your hair.

2. Apply an age-defying liquid foundation sparingly (to exfoliated, moisturized skin).

3. Use concealer. Once you minimize pesky shadows and discolourations, you'll need less makeup. "Use a liquid or creamy concealer under eyes," says Kilpatrick. Use a cream or stick concealer to cover redness around the base of the nose, the shadow just under the lower lip and any other areas of discolouration. Set with a bit of loose or pressed powder.

4. Wake up eyes with curled lashes and a coat or two of mascara.

5. Keep makeup simple. "Less really is more," says Kilpatrick. Opt for sheer washes of peach or plum tones on lids, and rose or coral shades on lips and cheeks. Line upper lash lines with dark-brown liner topped with matching shadow (for added staying power), and try a bit of pale, light-reflecting shimmer at the inner corners of the eyes.

6. Go for lip gloss, on its own or over lipstick. "A touch of gloss on the lips takes years off the face," says Kilpatrick.

There. Now, that didn't hurt a bit, did it?

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How to look years younger