Top 5 beauty essentials for travel

Top 5 beauty essentials for travel

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Top 5 beauty essentials for travel

If you plan to travel at some point over the summer holidays, packing right means considering more than just what you'll be wearing. Deciding which beauty products to take with you is just as important.

According to makeup artist Heather Snowie, you likely have more than enough products to take with you on vacation.

So before you start stocking up on travel-size items or trying to cram your entire makeup kit into your carry-on, read our guide to beauty travel essentials to discover a select few products that will help keep you gorgeous on the go.

1. All-in-one foundation or tinted moisturizer
Unless you're heading someplace where the weather is cool, the last thing you want to do this summer is cake on foundation.

"When it's hot out, it's best to stick to concealer and a light powder to reduce shine," advises Snowie.

For added coverage you can create your own tinted moisturizer by mixing your concealer with a lightweight moisturizer, she says. If you go this route, apply a bit of the moisturizer on its own first, then let that sink in before adding the tinted version over top. This allows for more even coverage.

If you're hoping to whittle your beauty kit down even more, Snowie suggests packing BB cream -- a.k.a. blemish balm -- another popular foundation replacement that offers SPF protection, moisturizer and a hint of colour to even out your skin tone all while keeping your beauty kit light.

2. Lip liner
Snowie advocates packing lip liner to avoid extra bulk in your makeup bag. Lip liners are easy to pack, meaning you can bring more of them with you.

"Instead of bringing five lipsticks or several lip glosses, choose just two lipstick colours and then bring two or three lip liners: one nude, which is going to tone down your lipstick colour, and one that's more pink to bring colour out," she advises.

Use these liners in conjunction with the two lipsticks you packed to create subtle differences in shade. If you opt for a bold tone like red, using lip liner instead of lipstick to colour in your lips will help ensure the colour's longevity and that it doesn't bleed out.

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3. Eye shadow quads
If you're going to include eye makeup in your carry-on, Snowie suggests packing quad sets. "They give you a variety of colours and you can mix it up. They're not usually very heavy and they come with a brush and an applicator," she says.

A good eye shadow kit may also mean you can forfeit eyeliner. "You can use an angled brush to get more intense colour from your dark powders," she explains. "You can also create subtle or dramatic looks by using various tones on the eyelid, on the contour or even underneath your eye."

4. Water sprays
Skin dehydrates quickly on airplanes, so Snowie encourages the use of water sprays like Evian Mineral Water Spray or Vichy Thermal Spa Water, which come in small sizes for easy packing.

"Airplanes really dry you out and water sprays are fantastic for giving yourself a refresher, especially if you have more travelling to do post-flight or are planning on spending the rest of the day in the city," says Snowie.

Water sprays add moisture to your skin without increasing oil, so don't hesitate to spray your face whenever your skin is feeling dry. They're also useful for setting makeup or simply cooling you down during a hot day of sightseeing.

5. Travel bottles
There are some products you simply can't leave home without. Instead of buying travel-size equivalents, pick up empty travel bottles and fill them with the favourite products you already have at home.

"There's no reason to buy something you wouldn't normally use," says Snowie. "Stores like MAC have little one-ounce travel bottles that you can fill with your favourites. Talk to your cosmetic counter -- a sample size of a product may take care of a weekend trip."

As for shampoo and conditioner, make sure to pack products that your hair is used to. "Hotel shampoo and conditioner is a last resort product unless you're staying in a high-class hotel," Snowie maintains.

On the flip side, dry shampoo can help get you through an in-between day if you simply don't have time for your typical beauty regimen.

Packing for your vacation shouldn't cost money or seem like a hassle. By making a few tweaks to your beauty routine and being selective with the products you pack, looking great while on holiday should be a snap.

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Top 5 beauty essentials for travel