Treat your man to a day at the spa

Treat your man to a day at the spa

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Treat your man to a day at the spa

With more and more spas coming up with indulging treatments targeted at men, it's not surprising that men are taking the bait. According to Eng C. Lau, a graphic designer who regularly receives treatments at the Stillwater Spa in Toronto after a stressful workweek, "Men are getting more interested in spa treatments to relax. When you are relaxed inside it shows on the outside." The welcoming atmosphere doesn't hurt, either. "I think more and more spas are being set up to make men feel more comfortable," says Lau.

Dave Cieslowski, a spa regular who gets his massages at Elmwood Spa in Toronto, says that "the entire complex is an oasis within the heart of the city."

Stacy Jahns, a busy Edmonton firefighter and father of two girls, urges other dads to "just try it. You may be surprised how relaxing it is. As busy parents, it is a great way for both my wife and me to relax together."

Here, the three men recommend their favourite treatment, which will relax, soothe, and pretty much pamper the heck out of any hardworking man.

Cieslowski cites Swedish massage as his favourite spa service. "Elmwood offers a true spa experience and the best massages I've ever had," he says. To Cieslowski, taking care of his physical well-being is important. "I suffered a spinal injury while playing football in university, and making time for a massage every two or three weeks is essential to enjoying life," he says.

Massages can also be important for those with physically demanding jobs. Jahns gets his massages regularly at the EvelineCharles Spa. "Being very active with my career, massage helps keep my muscles relaxed and less prone to injury," he says.

Oh, those aching feet! Regular pedicures can be beneficial to men, according to Jennifer Andrews at Elysian Fields Spa in Whitby. "All of our pedicures involve a foot massage that targets all the reflex points found in the feet, making it a very relaxing experience." Jahns agrees. "I tried pedicures and I was surprised how much I liked it and how great my feet looked and felt," he says. He even practices pampering his feet at home. "My wife buys spa products so I can soak my feet, especially after a busy day."

Lau tries to fit regular facials into his busy schedule and even gets a full body scrub to keep his skin in great shape. "Ideally I would get one every new season – it would be even better to go once a month," he says.

Facials help reduce razor burn and redness from shaving, says Cherie Van Buskirk, spa director at EvelineCharles Salons and Spas, "and men are more concerned with staying youthful than ever before." Some spas, such as the Pantages Spa in Toronto, use a line of products during their treatments that target men's specific skin needs -- deep exfoliation, removal of impurities, and reducing irritation from shaving.

Water therapy
This treatment is just another spa bonus according to Cieslowski: " I can take advantage of the water therapies at Elmwood before and after my massage."

"Water therapy is perfect in combination with massage," says Van Buskirk. "They truly reduce stress and relax muscles." Try the water therapy offered up at the Elmwood Spa – the facility features whirlpool, swimming pool and steam rooms that are free to use with all spa services, or you can indulge in them on their own ($20 for a one time pass).

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Treat your man to a day at the spa