A fresh makeover for spring

A fresh makeover for spring

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A fresh makeover for spring

Lyris MacEachern
Operations Manager 

Makeover before shot


An operations manager with two kids, Lyris has little time to primp or keep up with the latest trends. With her 40th birthday fast approahing this month, she asked for a total refresh—including an update for her long, heavy hairstyle and new clothing to fit her tiny two-foot frame. 

Expert Panel: 
Amanda Lindsay, Skin Therapist, Dermalogica's International Dermal Institute
Jodi Urichuk, Makeup Artist for Plutino Group 
Melissa Evans-Lee, Bayview Village Marketing Director 
Marilisa Sears, Marc Anthony Hair Care Artistic Director 

Makeup: Lyris already knows how to wield eyeliner like a pro and is no stranger to a vampy lip, so Plutino Group makeup artist Jodi Urichuk wanted to shake up her beauty game. Urichuk applied a bronzy wash of colour to Lyris's lids and swapped out her signature liner for a flirty set of false lashes. "She naturally has short, sparse lashes, so these enhancements really open up her eyes and make them look huge," says Urichuk. Rather than penciling in Lyris's eyebrows, Urichuk used a brow thickener and paired the modern bold brow with an equally current matte orange lip. 

Hair: Since Lyris covers her greys with at-home hair colour and prefers to air-dry her natural waves, our hair team gave her a versatile cut and colour that are easy to maintain. Marilisa Sears, artistic director for Marc Anthony Hair Care, removed length and added layers to draw attention to Lyris's cheekbones, leaving the strands long enough to pull back into a ponytail. Julie Coupland, senior master stylist for Marc Anthony Salons, applied a subtle ombré effect by adding vibrant red to the ends while keeping the roots a deep hue that Lyris can easily retouch at home. To style Lyris's new cut, Sears spritzed Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray at the roots, then scrunched it through. She wrapped a few sections around a clip-less curling iron to enhance the waves, then finished the ends with a nourishing oil. "The less you fuss, the prettier it is," she says. 

This busy mother hadn't had a facial in more than a decade amd admits to being a longtime soap user and sometime moisturizer. The ingredients that hold a bar of soap together have a higher pH than products formulated specifically for cleansing the face, so soap often has a drying effect. Amanda Lindsay, skin therapist at Dermalogica's International Dermal Institute, educated Lyris on the three basic steps to help achieve perfect skin: cleansing skin properly (no soap), exfoliating regularly (once or twice a week) and moisturizing every morning and night. With Lyris's birthday looming, her main concerns are dryness and aging skin. "The sun is number one as far as accelerating aging", says Lindsay. She recommends that everyone apply a sunscreen of at least SPF 30 daily under their makeup.

Products used during the makeover

1. Marc Anthony Dream Wash Waves Beach Spray,
2. Dermalogica Skinperfect Primer SPF30, $67, .
3. Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow, $28, .

Wardrobe: On a typical day at the office, Lyris wears simple separates, almost always in slimming black. Although she adores sunset shades, such as oranges and reds, she's currently shunning bright colours while she works towards her fitness goals. Melissa Evans-Lee, marketing director of Bayview Village shopping centre in Toronto, chose a dress that hit on all of Lyris's desires: something flattering, sophisticated and a wee bit sexy. "This fit-and-flare silhouette cinches her at the tiniest part of her body: her waist," says Evans-Lee. The rich navy hue paired with the graphic crimson rose and spicy heels give this frock just enough flavour while fitting Lyris's conservative sartorial sense.  

The after shot of the makeover
After; Photography by Carlyle Routh 

Nevada Love Dress, $319, and Sandro clutch, $199, Sandro. Michael Kors bracelet, $175, Cupido. Shoes, $130, Nine West. All clothing and accessories available at   

Verdict: "I feel beautiful and confident," says Lyris. "The photos made me realize that the right clothing can make someone look rejuvenated and sexy. I feel young and vibrant, and seeing the look on my husband's face gives me the giggles like when we first met." 

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This story was originally published in the June 2015 issue of Canadian Living. 

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A fresh makeover for spring