How to pick slimming pants

How to pick slimming pants

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How to pick slimming pants

Finding the right pair of pants for your body type can be complicated. In addition to navigating the season's styles and trends, you also have to deal with cuts that gape, bunch and pull. To help you get things just right, Tammy Palmer, Toronto fashion stylist, offered to lend us her shopping and styling expertise. She let us in on the rules to follow when looking for that perfect pair.

If you have: Long legs
Look for: A classic trouser or men's-style pant. A low, slouchy waist, wider legs and cuff detailing will add fullness and volume and break up the length of your legs. Take advantage of the cropped pant styles, which accentuate a long, lean leg.

Avoid: Cigarette or stovepipe silhouettes. There's no concealing flaws, and you'll look too lanky.

Helpful hint: Your pants should fall to just above the bottom of your heel, says Lara Smith, general merchandise manager of Women's World at Mark's Work Warehouse. Before hemming your pants, try them on with the type of heel you usually wear. Don't forget that pants made from natural fibres may shrink slightly in length.

If you have: Short legs
Look for: Minimal details and a streamline shape. A straight leg or a slight boot cut allows the eye to flow up and down the body without interruption, giving the impression of a longer, leaner leg. Choose pants that sit just below the belly button to lengthen the appearance of the leg.

Avoid: Capri styles and busy details. Cropped pants and details such as front pockets and pleats will break the appearance of the legs, making them appear shorter, says Palmer. Smith agrees and also recommends avoiding wide silhouettes and cuffs.

If you have: A thick waist
Look for: A waistline just below the bellybutton. A waist that sits too high will accentuate any thickness in the middle. A waistline that's too low will result in an unflattering overhang. Also try fabrics with added Lycra that sit smoothly over the front of your figure.

Avoid: A wide-leg pant with cuffs -- the extra volume at the bottom of your pants will make any fullness on top more noticeable. Also stay away from pockets, pleats and detailing that will add extra bulk and fullness to the top of your pants.

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If you have: Large hips
Look for: Fullness through the thighs. Choosing pants that fall straight from the hip to the knee will camouflage a pear shape. Try larger back pockets, which tend to make your bottom look smaller.

Avoid: Low-rise cuts. Pants that sit directly on the hips draw attention to that area, making your hips look larger. As well, steer clear of large patterns and prints.

If you have: Petite frame
Look for: Low-rise, boot-cut pants. The low rise keeps the pants in proportion to your body, while a boot cut adds curves. Take advantage of your petite frame and play with patterns and textures.

Avoid: Lean shapes and flared cuts. Cigarette pants will make you look too thin, and flared bottoms are overpowering. Also avoid embellishments, which are too busy for a small body.

3 hot trends to try
Palmer's fashion forecast notes the three hottest pants that made a statement on the international runways.

1. Stovepipe
These ultraskinny jeans, which hug the body and taper at the bottom, suit long legs or a lean shape with little or no hips.

2. Slouchy
Men's-style trousers sit lower on the hips and have extra room through the legs. Wear them cuffed or uncuffed and add fullness to a boyish figure or balance large hips with the fullness in the calves.

3. Slim trouser
This slim cut has a narrow (not tapered) ankle, which doesn't overpower a petite frame.

Make the most of your shopping spree! Print Palmer's 7 tips for shopping success for your next trip to the mall.

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How to pick slimming pants