The right jeans for your body type

The right jeans for your body type

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The right jeans for your body type

There's something exciting about tucking away our shorts and summer dresses to make room for knits, wool and denim. And when you're stocking up on new fall clothes, purchasing a pair or two of crisp new jeans is a classic way to prepare for cooler temperatures.

Genia Albi, women's buyer at Toronto's denim mecca, Over the Rainbow, spoke with us about the season's trends and how to choose the right jeans for your body type. Even though skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans are still going strong, there are some new trends on our radar for this season.

Top denim trends for fall, according to Genia Albi:

• Dark denim washes
• Coloured denim: especially red, green and blue
• 1970s-inspired high waists
• Flared bottoms
• Details such as zippers and snakeskin prints

1. What to choose if you're petite

"A petite woman can wear both flared and skinny jeans," says Albi. "However, I would keep these silhouettes in a dark denim."

Lighter denim tends to draw attention to the legs, whereas the objective for petite women is to draw attention upward, creating an illusion of length. This trompe l'oeil is easily achieved with a simple and uniform dark wash – so stay away from distressed denim.

If you're petite and looking for even more leg length, pair indigo-coloured flares with your favourite heels to create a long, lean line from hip to heel. If you prefer ballet flats, try a skinny jean with a zipper detail at the ankle to create a bit of interest.

2. What to choose if you're full-figured

"A full-figured woman should always be looking for high-waisted jeans," says Albi. They will help disguise any problems in the tummy area. "A flare or boot cut is also flattering and will balance out her silhouette."

You want to create the illusion of being long and lean: Draw attention upward by wearing a colourful top and tucking it in, which will play up the narrowest part of any woman's body – her waist.

Lastly, don't forget to check your backside! Pockets placed higher up help your bottom look lifted – who doesn't love that? The result will be jeans that look and fit great from every angle.

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3. What to choose if you're tall and slim
The ladies in this category can pull off any of this season's trends. "This woman can pretty much wear whatever she pleases," says Albi. "Don't be afraid to try coloured denim or this season's hottest print – python."

Red or dusty rose denim are also great choices for embracing the autumn weather. For the slim set, Albi suggests trying a looser fit: "Boyfriend jeans are all about comfort and they're the perfect option for lazy days (spent) lounging around," she says. Slightly baggy boyfriend jeans can help pad up small derrieres and emphasize small waists when they're paired with classic, fitted T-shirts. This style is the epitome of effortless weekend-chic and is here to stay.

4. What to choose if you have an athletic body type

"Athletic figures generally need more room in the leg," says Albi. "A flare in dark denim would be a great choice." While high waists are hot for fall, going with a traditional (lower) rise can nicely emphasize toned, athletic midsections.

Don't shy away from the colour trend either. Women with athletic builds and great muscle definition should highlight their hard-earned physiques and consider rocking colourful, slim-fit jeans with simple tees for a fun fall look.

For a staple or signature jean, however, nothing beats the ever-flattering flare. 

No matter what your choice of denim for fall, be sure to consult with in-store experts. They're usually brand savvy and more than willing to help you find the trend that suits you best.

When you're shopping, try to set aside at least an hour for trying on jeans. You typically have to try on many pairs to get the right fit. If you try to rush it, you'll only feel pressured and frustrated.

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The right jeans for your body type