The Canadian Living guide to summer grilling

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The Canadian Living guide to summer grilling

barbecue tools
Essential tools for your barbecue
A guide to 8 essential barbecue tools you need to keep grilling like a pro all summer long and well into the fall!
Mixed Grill techniques
- In under 3 minutes learn timing essentials and heat techniques for a perfect mixed grill of meats, chicken and seafood in a delicious rosemary garlic marinade.

Rubs and marinades
A little time invested in your meat before you grill raises an ordinary barbecue to the sublime. This collections of rubs and marinades will give you succulent results.
Lip-smacking barbecue sauces
Homemade barbecue sauce will set your grilling apart from every one else on the block. Try these lip-smacking recipes.

Ribs are a barbecue favorite and everyone thinks their method is best. Find a primer on pork ribs and recipes for finger-licking, fall-off-the-bone ribs.

Browse our best burger recipes, find tricks to keep them juicy and get inspired with creative toppings to make your own stand-out backyard gourmet burger!

Grilled vegetables
From sides to mains to salads, fresh in-season vegetables are the real stars of the season. Tips for putting any vegetable on tonight's menu.

Barbecued chicken
Andrew's Chase's secrets to perfectly barbecued chicken and our best recipes for popular grilled chickens.

Rotisserie roasts
Want a show-stopping way to entertain company? Use your barbecue to make the most succulent roast outdoors.

Video -- Grilling steaks: Learn all about the different cuts of steaks, what to ask your butcher plus how to grill your steaks to perfection.

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The Canadian Living guide to summer grilling