The Foodie-file: The Hangover Cures

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The Foodie-file: The Hangover Cures

Colleen and I had so much fun reading your replies I thought I should post the highlights.


WATER comes out on top. It seems all agree before during and after, water is the best way to keep the headache at bay, although many have warned of the impending full bladder that will wake you from the all important second best solution…

SLEEP. HoHO Ho said it best for all: “Under no circumstances should you get out of bed before 11am. Noon is better, but 11am is the absolute earliest. Sleep is the very best hangover cure. If you lie there at 9am, forcing your eyes shut, feeling that headache creeping in, do not get out of bed. You will doze back to sleep”.

PAINKILLERS MEDICINAL CURES: Advil, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Motrin, Baby-aspirin (this is from a Mom with three kids under five – I say give yourself a break and go for the real stuff), anti-nauseant pills, daytime sinus pills and Midol were all recommended by the contributors…. Personal note on the Midol and Gatorade comment - I’m curious to know if this works for men as well? Less chemical solutions included triple-dose of vitamins, magnesium citrate, vitamin C, TUMS, and oil of oregano.

GREASY, SALTY FAST FOOD: Plate of fried potatoes with extra sea salt; eggs benedict; large fries and Coke from McDonald’s (judging by the responses, McDonald’s might consider marketing a hangover menu); cheeseburger and fries; poutine; bacon and eggs; grilled cheese; tacos, Chinese food and anything not cooked by your own hands are all recommended to satiate the morning after.

RE-HYRADTORS: Gatorade hits number one in this category, but also orange juice, tomato juice, chocolate milk, club soda or really anything bubbly, diet-soda, mountain dew, half a can of coke, green tea, definitely coffee and definitely not coffee!


· A can of sardines (!)

· Dark Chocolate (supposedly a cure-all)

· Smiles hugs and kisses from the children ( this seems optimistic to me…)

· Arrange to have children out of the house and not return before noon (more of a realist I’d say)

· As much pickle juice as you can handle (eee gads!)

· The Homemade Gatorade Cure: “Take a large glass, squeeze some limes in it (fill about 25% of the glass), add about two spoonfuls of salt, and then fill the rest of the glass with bubbly water ”

· A shot of whiskey

· Back massage from a husband (I suspect a euphemism here since she requests two)

· Wheat bread and peanut butter

· Rye laced with black pepper

· The fresh crisp air of Nova Scotia

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The Foodie-file: The Hangover Cures