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Creative wedding cake toppers

Creative wedding cake toppers

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Creative wedding cake toppers

Today’s wedding cakes can be as individual as your heart desires. Limited only by your cake professional’s creativity - and your imagination - your cake is a reflection of your unique personality.  Personalize the top of your wedding cake with one of these creative cake toppers, and your cake will be unforgettable!

Wedding cake topper #1: Family Heirlooms
Including a momento from a special family member or friend in your wedding decor can be a nice touch.  A cherished teacup & saucer filled with a tiny bouquet of flowers makes a fitting tribute to a special loved one.   

Wedding cake topper #2: Pictures
A hand-chosen frame with a special photo of the bride and groom set on the top layer of your cake is a true reflection of the couple-to-be.

Wedding cake topper #3: Flowers
Flowers are a very traditional way to top a wedding cake.  Include flowers that appear throughout your wedding day, or be bold and include a pop of colour or a flower that is unexpected.  Have your florist create a special topper to set into the cake directly, or choose a handpicked bouquet with a fancy ribbon to lay across the cake or cake table.

Wedding cake topper #4: Figurines
Traditional bride-and-groom figurines come in any design - from your simple bride-and-groom to porcelain cartoon characters or movie actors.  Browse the internet to find semi-custom bride-and-grooms created to feature you and your fiancé’s favourite pastime or hobby (scuba-diving bride-and-groom, anyone?)

Wedding cake topper #5: Collectibles
Most of your favourite collectibles have a special wedding piece that can be used as a cake topper.  From Ty Bride & Groom Beanie Baby Bears, or the Precious Moments Bride and Groom by Enesco are always popular.

Wedding cake topper #6: Monograms
Ranging in price from inexpensive to high-end, you can purchase initials to signify the joining of your names together in marriage. Whether you choose to be understated in simple silver, or want something over-the-top encrusted with diamonds, monograms will truly personalize your wedding cake.

Wedding cake topper #7: Tiara
For the perfect Cinderella wedding, top your cake with a tiara. Cake jewellery has gained in popularity in recent years and extravagant pieces are available from select jewellery stores.  For the budget-conscious, a tiara purchased from a bridal shop will give you the sparkle to match your day.

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Baking & Desserts

Creative wedding cake toppers