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Get the wedding cake of your dreams in 7 easy steps

Get the wedding cake of your dreams in 7 easy steps

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Baking & Desserts

Get the wedding cake of your dreams in 7 easy steps

One of the most fun and tasty tasks of planning your wedding is choosing your dream wedding cake.  Limited only by your imagination (and your budget), how does one decide? Here are some easy tips to help you plan, select and coordinate with your baker for the perfect wedding cake, making this the easiest and most delicious job of all.

1. Start early
Reputable cake professionals are very busy and popular wedding dates are quickly taken. Book your wedding cake as early as possible to secure the date you want.  As long as your date is secure, details such as cake flavour and icing type can be decided upon later.  Also, be prepared to leave a deposit to solidify your order.

2. Know your numbers
Prior to your first visit with your cake professional, you need to know your budget and how many guests will be enjoying your cake. If you intend to serve your cake as dessert following a meal, you will need a larger cake than if you are serving it later in the evening when guests aren’t as hungry or have left the reception. Your cake designer can help you figure out how large a cake you need for your guests.  A good cake designer will also help you focus on staying within your budget.

3. Be prepared with your wedding colours
If your wedding décor has a prominent colour, bring a swatch or sample with you. A sure-fire way to be disappointed with your cake is to leave your cake designer guessing which shade of pink will match your bridesmaids dresses. Also, many brides want the base colour of the cake to match their dress. If your dress is a colour other than white, a swatch will ensure that your cake professional will achieve a close match.   

4. Illustrate your wedding style

Every bride creates a unique style for her wedding through her choice of colour, flowers, dress, ribbon, candles and other decorative items. To select a cake that will fit with the style or theme of your wedding, bring pictures or samples of anything that will help your cake professional “see” your vision. Clip pictures from bridal magazines and online shops of cakes that interest you. From all this information, your cake designer will help you narrow the decision and bring you closer to selecting the perfect cake.

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5. Cake tastes and special requests
Decide in advance what flavours you truly love and what you can live without. If chocolate is your passion, then be sure to include it. If you, your fiancé or family have any allergies or dietary restrictions, be sure to mention them to your cake designer. Sugar-free and nut-free cakes are now common as brides strive to ensure the comfort of their guests.  

6. On your wedding day: Delivery or pick-up?
Once your cake is chosen, the final detail will be how to get it to the venue!  Be realistic about your time and the reliable help available on your wedding day. Your cake is very fragile and it is important that it arrive at the venue on time and be set up with perfection.   Great-Uncle John may not be the best choice for the job!  More often than not, it is worth the professional delivery and set-up fee to ensure your cake is intact and ready for the party!  Triple-check that the time and address that you give to your cake professional will allow them to access the venue without difficulty. It is also wise to ensure that the spot where you wish your cake to go, within the venue, is clearly marked.  Nothing frustrates a cake delivery person more than guessing where to place the cake!  

7. Communication with your cake professional is key

If you are responsible for dropping off your cake topper - or any other items - at the cake shop, be sure to do so on time. Your cake decorator will have a schedule in place to ensure your cake is baked and iced to arrive at your wedding as fresh as possible.   He/she will not have the time to chase you for décor items.   Remember that if any changes arise, to communicate these changes promptly to your cake professional.   Respect your cake professional’s time and talent and it will go a long way to ensure you get the perfect cake for your special day!

Once you have made all the decisions surrounding your wedding cake, relax.  It will be beautiful and will taste delicious.  There are so many other details that will need your attention, trust your cake professional to do a wonderful job.  And finally, enjoy your day and your cake!

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Baking & Desserts

Get the wedding cake of your dreams in 7 easy steps